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I had a creepy guy I had contact with at bookmooch...

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....suddenly email me out of the blue. How would he have gotten my email?


Kinda wierded me out.


I had a bad run in with him at bookmooch over a book. Anyway - he got very nasty with emails and such - but that was prob over the summer last year. Now all of a sudden I got an email from him (I had blocked his email from sending to me)....it said I was "tagged" and did I want to be his friend - and there was a picture of him!!! (that's how I knew it was him) I clicked on the button to NOT be his friend and it took me to the site where you tag people to be friends or something. Evidently I had an account there?? - don't remember ever signing up for that. I did see someone I knew YEARS ago who now lives in Argentina as a name on my list so I'm guessing I am somehow on that tagged site thru her.


So anyway - do you think it just sheer luck (or unluck) that somehow he sent me this? Maybe he just sent something like that to everyone he had ever emailed? Is that possible? It just creeps me out to think he still had my email - he really disturbed me & I hate that he is in my mind now right before bed!!...ugh (tho I'm easily bothered by things! lol)

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There's a virus going around that does that. My SIL had a problem with it earlier this year, and we got a bunch of "tagged" e-mails from her. The thing e-mailed her whole office, and she had to apologize to everyone, including her VP. She was terribly embarrassed! I just got another from her the other day--figured it was the same problem. I bet you're still in his address book somewhere and you were just a recipient of the results of the virus. Just ignore it--either way!

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