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How old are your goldfish?


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Ours are too old!! We've had one for six years (the last of a group of five that were acquired at the same time), and two others that are two years old.

No one pays much attention to them, and it's a pain to clean their tank (full disclosure: DH does it, because I find it disgusting), so I really won't be sad when they have finished their time among us. The internet says they can live into their teens or even twenties. I'm hoping not.

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If you really don't want them anymore, you could let other families at your dc's schools or in a local homeschooling group know you have fish in need of a new home.  We found a new home for our last aquatic frog that way.  He lived several more years there with some happy kiddos.  Your local pet store might also be willing to take them.  

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