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Looking for a unique, mostly healthy corn side dish


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Super basic/easy...sauteed corn.

in a large pan on medium heat, melt 1/2 stick butter, dump in large bag of frozen corn, lightly sprinkle with salt.  Mix corn and cook down until corn starts sticking to pan and browning.  When some kernels are toasted/browned (not blackened) on a side, add a bit of pepper (or freshly ground tri-color or red pepper to look prettier), mix and quickly pull off of burner.  I put this in a corning wear container covered w/aluminum foil and then lid to keep warm.  

It's basic, simple, and always the first to go.  Make sure the corn is sticking to the bottom as this means the natural sugars are coming out of the corn, meaning good taste, but don't overcook it because it'll become a bit rubbery.  If it's a large crowd, it's very easy to double.

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3 hours ago, J-rap said:

This sounds good!  I'll experiment at home first.  ?   Is tri-color pepper a spice that you get at the grocery store?

I get the tri-color mix of whole peppercorns (white, black, pink), run them through a small pepper mill, and only add a small amount to the corn.  Freshly ground pepper is quite strong.  If you're looking for even more color, you could put a small bit of fresh chopped parsley right before serving.  GL!!

3 hours ago, mmasc said:

My dad used to make the corn in ChrisB’s post, but he called it fried corn. ? But whatever it’s called, it’s delicious!

For being so basic, I'm surprised how many requests there are for it.  Sauteed sounds so much more sophisticated (swoon emoji), right?!...lol...whatever, I'm just glad it's super simple to make.

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