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Dr hive: What to do for hives


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For DS12, aquaphor, vaseline, lavender scented moisturizer (https://www.amazon.com/Bath-Body-Works-Aromatherapy-Sleep/dp/B005IC3TOY) has helped him sleep. For DS13 who is more picky about lotion, I actually use my Estée Lauder facial moisturizer on him and it works enough for him to sleep.

Aquaphor might cause hives though so that might not be a safe choice unless you know for sure he isn’t sensitive to aquaphor.

Most times DS13’s hives was from sensitivity to the neighbors’ (condominium) dryer fumes but one time it was likely due to a viral infection. DS12 has eczema more often than hives.

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Oatmeal baths can be soothing. Put the oatmeal in a cloth so it doesn’t clog your drain. Don’t make the water too hot, that can irritate the hives. 

If the hives are getting worse you may need to take him in to get steroids. Hives are miserable, I’m sorry he’s dealing with this. 

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