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Time Change Good Grief


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Typically, my alarm goes off around six, but it's not unusual for me to wake up to an hour before my alarm goes off and not be able to go back to sleep. This morning, I woke up at 4 am by the new time. (5 am by the old time, not too unusual for me) 

I got up around 5 am because I laid there for a long time trying to go back to sleep.

The upside is that I have had an extremely productive morning. I've exercised, made phone calls, milked, taken care of animals, and we're almost done with school. I also did dishes and laundry and did my Bible study and prayer time in a relaxed unhurried manner. I hung a new light and timer in the hen house, watched the pigs for awhile. Talked to my dh and another guy who came up here to work in the next few weeks. I changed a light bulb in the bonus room, swept my sunroom, planted an ivy in a pot. 

UPside is : I feel so productive 

Downside: I am starving and it's not yet 11. I am going to be dead by 7 pm tonight. I hope I can adjust soon. This is annoying.

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Yep, I finally got up for good at 3:50 the new time, which is on the later side of my old wake up time. I taught a few classes, went and got my blood drawn (hr round trip), finished core schooling, organized teaching materials, took a shower, and did the dishes.

I am TIRED I didn't sleep well at all, PMS and the time change is killing me.

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