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just an irritated vent . . .


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Our dentist has a new billing person . . . . . I'm assuming she won't be there long . . . .

I received email notices I needed to take duedling in for a clean and check.. . . yep, it was on my calendar, (in july) and I remember the juggling schedules so I had made dh take him as I was picking up puppy.   so I call - she digs through, I tell her WHEN his appointment was. . . she never submitted it to the insurance company, so she didn't have her record.  (we'd paid our copay.)

I had a crown - oh, she only shows one of the two payments (half when they do prep work, half when it's finished). . . . . pretty sure we paid both.  

I'm married to a former auditor.  . . . his documents have backups, and the backups have backups, and he can tell you where just about every penny went. (on what day)  so, I wasn't worried we didn't have the record.

in this latest exchange, she gave the total as $4 less than we paid . . . . dh, bless his twisted heart, brought that discrepancy to her attention and said "oh, do you owe us $4?"

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2 hours ago, scholastica said:

We’re actually changing dentists over this. I love my dentist, but the office staff is not good. I hate to leave, but I can’t trust that I am actually being billed what I owe. And getting a refund is a nightmare.

that's terrible you have to switch.   a good dentist means a lot.   I finally have one whose skills I'm happy with, and takes the dental insurance dh likes.

but this is a newer billing person - (as in, very new).  she I'm sure she'll either get her act together, or hopefully be replaced.  we're in an area, there are more fish in the sea.

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