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Christmas HS Presents whats in under your tree?

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I thought this would be a fun thread. Is anyone getting presents that both help with learning challenges and are presents. 

I have a stack of things both my kids are getting that are fun but they don't know they are for HS and hometherapy



Paint by number sets & Rainbow scratch pads 

a Caligraphy starter set for my daughter 

Also my son wanted the death star marble chase thing and a bop it say it R2D2 Bop it

last year he got the Lakeshore Magnetic Designer, perler beads and legos


I am getting and IPAD really so I can use it for home school because most of the good apps are apple and there are 2 his therapist recommended. 


My wish list involves things my kiddos would know had a school purpose I didn't find out about those in time so I am not sure they are going under the tree because I need to save up


Mighteor and Brainbeat are on my dreaming list but ran out of money. 



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I've been banned from giving ANYTHING that can be remotely described as "school stuff" for Christmas by both my DH and DS.  Apparently, one year I went overboard.  :001_rolleyes:


I did get DS a table-top easel this year, though, because he asked for an easel at one point and I got a good deal on one.  It's already wrapped and the only present under the tree.  He keeps asking who it's for, and I keep telling he needs to wait and see.  Hopefully he won't consider it school related and be disappointed!

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None of our gifts are therapy related this year. But a few years ago, our OT recommended a couple of things that we got at that time and that might be helpful ideas for others.



Pick Up Sticks


In the past I've also chosen these games for him: Perfection, Make N' Break, Bop-It, Simon


I've thought about getting him a cup stacking game. Maybe for his birthday this spring.


Enchanted Forest is a fairy tale game that requires using memory.

Rat-a-Tat cat is a fun card game that requires using memory.


I like games, but DS13 does not really. The key is to find something that stretches his abilities but is more fun than frustrating.


He's willing to play Clue, which requires some memory and deductive reasoning, but using the tally sheet is hard for him, and so he doesn't utilize it correctly. We're still working on that, but in the meantime, he's willing to play it every so often, so he can have fun while also working on the skill.

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Ooo, we LOVED Double Shut the Box!!!   :thumbup1:


Fashy Fleece Cover Hot Water Bottle - Night Sky 2l | Smallflower.com  I got my kids hot water bottles for Christmas. Go ahead and laugh.  :smilielol5:  :smilielol5:  :smilielol5:  It's for the sensory. Dd can't have a dog in the dorm and poor ds can't convince our little dog to sleep with him all night. So the hot water bottle will be a substitute dog, right? They come in lots of cute colors and fleecy covers.

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I don't have time to make weighted blankets and they are crazy expensive on amazon I might go ahead and make some in january once I get up the nerve. Our dog "goes to bed" with my daughter and then lays on a rug by her bed and sleeps. the dog is more of an unwinding thing and a "sleep because if there is a wierd noise the dog will check it out thing".  It took a few months but it helped her to calm her mind and soothe her anxiety at bedtime. When she comes and gets the dog it flips her switch and tells her that she is going to sleep. If you want some tips on how to train the dog I can post them or pm them. Also the dog has taken a bit of license so lately he acts like a weighted blanket at bedtime :laugh: I think they both get hot so he climbs down on the floor. We did move her to a double bed because there wasn't enough room for both of them on the twin. I love the idea of a sensory fleece water bottle. 


Have you heard of the dreampad or a sound machine to que sleeping time? I have a 13 year old and she is getting something like that( thought probably not for Christmas). The dreampad(ILS) was highly effective but since it hooks to a mini mp3 I didn't trust her not to plug in her phone and try to listen to a movie through the dream pad while she went to sleep. 

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