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  1. exercise_guru

    Speech to text software…

    There has been an explosion of outstanding apps for speech recognition just this past year. I am working on several different apps to find one that better understands my sons pronunciation. Thank you for suggesting those and please if anyone is having great experience with one update us.
  2. exercise_guru

    Dysgraphia as described by my ds

    This post has been so helpful to me personally and I want to ask you to thank your son for me. Sharing his experience revieled some deep insights into the process I am going through with my son. He has a difficult time keeping the word in his head long enough to get it on paper. Reading your sons experience in forming the letters makes so much sence to me. I am sure my son is focusing so much on how to shape the letter's mechanical that it was not integrated into automaticity. I need to read the whole thread but can I first ask if your son is able to draw numbers and diagrams correctly? How are his math skills can he "think with his hand on paper" See my son can not do that for math atleast he couldn't . I was so happy when he needed to remember something for a video game and he said " I need a paper I want to write this down so I can remember it" Also he didn't think through the whole math program and show his work no matter how messy. After we did alot of exercises involving fine motor , pens and the hands ( like 100 hours and atleast 10000 repetitions) he came back to getty and dubay and can write much more quickly accross the page. There is a limbic center in the brain but also the limbic system that controls walking etc but there are also limbic centers in the auditory area and the visual area. This is how we receive feedback so quickly in our brain for reactions to both auditory and visual ques. Having him just write a page of just one letter would help so he could work on sweeping the arm accross the page. You could work on one letter a month for 3-5 times a week just quickly for like 10 minutes at the end of a lesson. This isolates the motion for one letter and over time will integrate the motor pattern most likely. But this is from another thread that I commented in detailing how we approached this challenge of letter formation slowing down the writing process For accomodation with the best understanding of mispronounciation I also like the ipad dictation with notes pluss. I also use myscript for handwriting practace as it can almost figure out the letter if it is even close. I will paste it here. . When my son first started on this issue and I worked to remediate it I had to start with the visual tracking system as it related to motor control and if you search here on the board for Arrowsmith program or online I used this technique with my own son to strengthen the motor cortex for forming shapes and increasing automaticity. Arrowsmith is a school in Canada I learned about it in a book called "the woman who changed her brain" It has some interesting elements and I stole a bunch of ideas from their techniques. They call it Motor Symbol Sequencing Program (MSS Program) Here is an interesting article The relationship between handwriting, reading, fine motor and visual-motor skills in kindergarteners I just developed my own symbol tracing techniques based on pictures I saw of arrowsmith and had my son trace and trace them to build his visual motor control. Then after Vision Therapy when we started Getty and Dubay he took off. I attribute that to cementing his visual motor complex. I have read a lot about it but do not know anyone who has moved and placed their child in the program. They now have the symbol program remotely through the toronto school but for our purposes, we spent a lot of time doing repetitive motor symbol tracing. Not as much as arrowsmith but as much as I could bribe my son to do. I also did a lot of clock work with analog clocks with my son but he seemed to take to them quickly so after a month I decided that wasn't where the glitch was and moved where he needed the help. As he got older I bought a digital tracing light up board and had him trace a lot of shapes and figures. i still wish I had time to do this as we did it all summer. Now with school I am hoping we cemented the handwriting enough that automaticity will take over. I just developed my own symbol tracing techniques based on pictures I saw of arrowsmith and had my son trace and trace them to build his visual motor control. Then after Vision Therapy when we started Getty and Dubay he took off. I attribute that to cementing his visual motor complex. I think with dysgraphia and with handwriting there is too much focus on the shapes of the letters. With my son the glitch was way before that in tying the hand motion with the brain and so we had to back up and work on that for hours and hours. I did this the entire summer between 2nd and 3rd grade and then I did Getty and Dubay through the summer between 3rd and 4th grade. Next summer I hope the handwriting is all cemented and we can just work on bravewriter. Its certainly been a long process. I am thinking that just getting a light up tracing board and having your son do some art work with it would help the other areas immensely. There was a stretch where we did not work on handwriting but worked on artwork and the connection of the brain with the hand doing mazes. dot to dot clear up to extreme dot to dot and tracing artwork. This is where we had the most breakthrough coming back to handwriting.
  3. exercise_guru

    Anyone use Fast ForWord

    My son completed the entire series and had remarkable results. It is a daily commitment, I liken it from the scene out of the original Karate kid where Daniel paints the fence. Basically you are painting a fence with your auditory system. I did not pay the monthly subscription I went through a private coach and purchased a year subscription. It took real dedication but in my sons case we tested him before and after by a private independent audiologist and he had huge huge gains in Auditory processing. Also improved in verbal expression, , dichotic listening, hearing in noise even though those areas are not explicitly stressed in the program. He improved his verbal expression significantly ( feedback from his teacher who did not know he was doing it was very very positive) also improved his reading by over 350 lexile points. I have done many many programs for my son ( hearbuilder and accoustic pioneer and BrainHQ) but my son did poorly on those programs and quit because his auditory processing was getting in the way. but after he did fast forword he was able to complete them quickly and with confidence. Fast Forword starts at the base level and works its way through the auditory system. It helped me to see where the glitches were and remediate them. I honestly do not know how I could have known my son struggled with sounds in the 500HZ range but it was obvious when we looked at the data ( Fast Forword is also awesome at benchmarks and data for improvement) Then the program continued to encourage my son to "paint the fence" until he mastered the skill and fully remediated it. I personally like the coach I worked with. She was online and contacted us often with tips and ways to get through it. She helped problem solve through my sons limitations and helped him achieve success. She also spent a lot of time showing me what the program was capable of and what areas it would help. My son got up every morning and worked while I made breakfast. I had to support often and sit with him. I also provided a lot of rewards and incentives to get my son through it. I personally do not like going through the main site of Fast Forword . There assistants are not knowledgable and they were no help to me. I almost gave up but then found a private coach and I am very very glad I did. I personally wish they would allow every struggling student to have access to foundations 1 and 2 as part of the school system. We commited to the program for 4 months for foundations and then 3 more months for foundations 2. Then we went on and did some of the reading modules. My husband and I wish we had done this program when my son was in kindergarten and we are so glad we did it in 4th grade. It was worth all the time and money. I would suggest you not pay for it if you are not willing to strongly encourage your child and provide an allocated time to do the program. It took more time than my daughter uses to practace the piano each day and so if you have ever tried to get a child to do something consistently every day 5 days a week ( especially if it is something they are not good at) then you know what it will be like to get your child through the program. I loved our coach and can recomend her. She checked our work daily and sent us data. She skyped us and she helped me problem solve through the program. We would have quit had she not done that. It is very tedious and you have to stick with it and work through the frusteration of being bad at something. The FF program works hard to give lots of encouragment and visual praise to keep motivation high. In our situation We were basically working on a weak area my son had over and over and over each day until he mastered it and was able to complete it at the level of a child his age. When we did the updated independent testing the gains were huge. There are several threads on Fast forword if you use google to search you will be able to read more about my experience and others who have done the program.
  4. exercise_guru

    Best pencils!

    Just a heads up they are discontinuing these pencils and closing them out at staples ( $3 a pack) the new ones look like this. find. Papermate Handwriting triangular pencils They look kidish and say "handwriting on them" I fear they ruined a good thing. My son likes the old ones so I bought as many packs as I could
  5. exercise_guru

    Let's spend some money!

    Do you have a subscription to reading AToZ and also raz kids? One year the parents raised money ans paid for the teacher subscription because it was so valuable. I think it covers up to 24 students and the kiddos can use it at home with a PC or a pad
  6. exercise_guru

    ILs Focus

    I have typed about our change in food nutrition elsewhere but I include it here if anyone is interested. You might have read about this in another thread but I am noticing the most improvements since I changed my diet for Cancer. I had watched "Forks over knives" and after that I applied those principals and eating programs to my own life. I am only making one meal so I make a whole foods meal from rice, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash and lots of veggies .My kiddos are eating green smoothies, eating green vegetables and Broccoli sprouts ( cheap and easy to make) I serve small servings of meat on the side for them because I am not ready to totally abandon a reasonably good source of vitamin B12. I myself give my kids a very small serving of methlyated B vitamins a day ( Thorne multivitamin with methylated B) But I do not do this every day. I have to say the greens and the healthy food significantly helped me BUT even half adopting my diet has done some pretty great things for my son in the attention and emotional regulation area. I had removed Dairy , fructose and introduced a lot of Greens. you can see other posts I have for that but if I had some spare money and ambition I would start there FIRST. For myself my mental well being has significantly improved. I was able to get off of effexor and ambien and I feel a sence of better calmness and well being. If I could go back I would have taken my son off of dairy far sooner and switched to a whole foods diet with meat on the side years and years ago. I nocited after Halloween he was a crying mess and sick with sinus infections. This has led me to really help him get rid of the Sugar and corn syrup. We still are not there but there is significant progress. In my own life some effects I noticed in 5 weeks ( My cholesterol dropped 50 points and I was able to start going off of those meds) after about 9 weeks my gut biome noticeably improved.I am around four months in and I can say that I have noticed enough improvements to be sold on this way of eating. I had such severe short-term memory loss from chemo that I would have to pull my car over because I forgot where I was going. I often ( like 15-25 times a day) walk into another room to get something and can't remember what it was. A few weeks ago I felt like my brain was "turning on" It isn't 100 percent what it was but the improvement is life changing. Academically my memory is coming back and my life skills are improving. The area I noticed the most improvement would be in coping skills, emotional regulation, improved sleep quality and mental processing. Four months ago I was in a hole at the bottom looking out at my life and this food has turned me around. It will take a few months for me to try to get my kiddos to eat this way and to be able to notice the effects but I wanted to share that now in hopes that mabye might benefit. Its a pain to change the way everyone eats but I am telling you it is costing far less and is probably about the same effort as all the home therapy I have implemented at home. If you try one thing see if you can get rid of the milk and sugar . Add a green smoothie everyday with kale ( its in the same family as Broccoli) or spinach ( in the same family as leafy greens and lettuce) Luckily my kiddos love the Broccoli sprouts and eat them by the handfuls for snacks and dinner. They are dirt cheap and easy easy to make. They have something like 20 times the amount of sulphorosane compared to regular broccoli so you are getting a diet packed in good nutrition. My goal is to eventually get a pound of vegetables and whole fruits in my kiddos everyday along with small amounts of lean meat ( I am not sold on veganizing that out of my kiddos because of the B12, even though I am 100% plant based at this point. If anyone is interested in cookbooks or support or information feel free to pm me and I can share more about our experience along the way. It isn't an all or nothing situation. I am noticing improvements in both my kids with regards to emotional regulation simply by removing process foods, overt sugars and especially diary. Then replacing bad food with better food and serving greens.
  7. exercise_guru

    ILs Focus

    Circling back to the ILS system I wanted to come back and write a bit more about it. The concept of filtered music was created by Dr. Alfred Tomatis to improve auditory reception in language. The centers are very popular in Europe and you can read about them here . In my son's situation, he was diagnosed with Auditory processing disorder and had very weak processing in his left ear so he would be the perfect candidate for this kind of therapy. We tested him in the auditory booth before and the following year after completing ILS and had no improvement. That being said since finishing the ILS I purchased the Iphone app for the tomatis method ( it is around 200) and continue to use the bone conduction headphones for certain things. Overall I did not notice the benefit in the CAPD testing that followed. There were a few improvements in verbal speach and in expressing ideas. My son is also a shockingly good speller considering his diagnosis. He began singing lyrics after our treatment and he was far less emotional about things. There were lasting improvements I noticed but compared to the amount of time we spent I am just not sure it was where I should have been putting my efforts. If there were a child with more sensory issues I would recomend this program. Then I really started reading about working memory and auditory processing. At this point I knew that my son could not remember information easily and could not retain all the verbal information he was receiving at school. I need to go back and read more about your kiddo but it doesn't sound like you are going to get a lot of cooperation doing therapy at home 3 times a week and at the therapist once a week. There have been alot of threads about Interactive metronome and the timing of the brain, Fast Forword and the processing of speach and applying auditory attention, Cogmed and hearbuilder Auditory memory for building working memory which significantly helps with attention. I have used Many of these techniques with my son and had very good results. I tell you this because I do believe that therapy helps. Fast forword was key for us, something I wish I had explored for Auditory processing years ago. I think it is important to tune into your intuition and consider going to a behavior counselor. Being proactive is what works the most but unfortunately all of these companies are trying to make money and yet there is not good research for many of the treatments. IT is easier and cheaper if you have good cooperation at home but that is not always possible. I have been lucky in that my son is inattentive but cooperative and motivated by getting prizes. I have been doing some form of teaching therapy at home since 1st grade ( he is now in 5th). I hope that you can find some help for your situation.
  8. exercise_guru

    ILs Focus

    It pains me to say this but we did 80 hours if ILS at home and with a therapist. It was a lot of exercises and I combined it with retained reflexes. I did not notice a lot of improved attention or academic improvment. I love the company. I love the system but honestly I would not recommend it. I have heard it is very effective for sensory processing and I admit I did notice improvement in that regard.
  9. I am just going to throw out a lot of ideas and you take whatever you feel works. I may be in a very similiar situation and will most likely be homeschooling my 6th grade son next year. I homeschooled my oldest but I am so out of it as far as what curriculums work I can't make a recommendation there. I wanted to second this and also give you a big mom hug. You can do this and make it work. There is far more flexibility in working at home. You could do math in the mornings when she is fresh and something that requires less stamina when she is tired. They waste so much time lining up and going to PE and such that if you get a good solid 2 or so hours mixed throughout the day she will have gotten far more than you ever have done. The dancing is excellent. Can you add some rhythm and metronome work using that? Its a bit redundant but it helps timing and control of the brain. Stick with the exercise you might find this video interesting on exercise and ADHD. If I could I would take both my kids to the YMCA early in the morning and exercise( or swim) then come back and do school but I can't make that work. It sounds like you have dancing so keep that going for sure! First nutrition: you might want to have a look at this site Nutrition facts from Michael Gregger- Treating ADHD without stimulants . Get as many greens and cruciferous into this kiddo you can. Its super good for the brain and for regulating emotion. I am on this Broccoli sprouts, salad, and Green smoothie kick. I first started eating this way for myself because of a cancer diagnosis. Broccoli sprouts( so easy to grow) are very very good for Breast Cancer so I started sprouting them. My husband always has my kiddos eat a handful of baby spinach at meals. Well, he started putting out the Broccoli sprouts and my kiddos really really like them. For Breakfast, my son loves some turkey for protein and a green apple and spinach smoothie. He also decided to eat Broccoli sprouts for breakfast. I was surprised in all of this but over the next month, I have noticed his attention and coping mechanisms significantly improve. I have been shocked at the changes in his ability to focus and recover from disappointment ( two areas he did not do well). I should disclose that I also took him off of dairy because he was having so many problems with sinus infections, In my own life I have also incorporated Vitamin B and I am telling you it's like the lights went on. If there is a week that I am on vacation and unable to get a lot of green vegetables and cruciferous I am just wiped. This was a very nice unexpected side effect to my anticancer nutrition program that I felt I should pass along. Regarding Gluten kiddos who have a hard time with gluten have a hard time with dairy. If your daughter is home you could make far better meals and help her to better regulate her health. I really really like the whole foods cookbooks. Because of cancer I switched over to a whole foods plant based vegan. My family wasn't ready to go all the way so I did a few things. I took cheese and dairy out of all the food so if they want it , its either at a pizza party or they have it away from home. I made delicious plant based meals and just add a side of shredded chicken or slice of meat to the table. These meals are very easy to do gluten free because many many of them are based around beans, potatoes, Quinoa etc. Without even trying I am probably 90% gluten free eating this way. I eat 100% from rice,squash, potatoes, oatmeal, nuts, beans and veggies etc ( Thank Heavens for the instapot and a rice cooker) Since you are a dancer I am sure you have fantastic nutrition but here are a few cookbooks and ideas if you are interested. This is one I really like Gluten-Free & Vegan for the Whole Family (EBK): Nutritious Plant-Based Meals and Snacks Everyone Will Love Kindle Edition by Jennifer Katzinger (Author), Raven Bonnar-Pizzorno(Foreword) Here is another one I love I made the hamburger bun recipe for my mother in law who is gluten free for health reasons and WOW we made it in min bread loafs and truly this is the only gluten-free bread that everyone at the table ate for thanksgiving. I am buying her this book for christmas along with this Puffy Muffin Top Pan for baking hamburger buns and this doughnut nonstick pan . The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook Volume 2: New Whole-Grain Flour Blend, 75+ Dairy-Free Recipes Kindle Edition by America's Test Kitchen (Editor) 4.7 out of 5 stars 243 customer reviews Also I bought this one but haven't tried it YumUniverse: Infinite Possibilities for a Gluten-Free, Plant-Powerful, Whole-Food Lifestyle Kindle Edition by Heather Crosby Now to schooling The big challenge would be what to do on the days that you are working need her to also be working. I have a lot of ideas. Since she is behind and has challenges with reading you could look into some good computer modules for her to work on when you can not be hands-on. Can you get an IPAD for christmas? There are a lot of options with an ipad and a computer. I am also on this big kick about Fast Forword. My son should have been able to do it at school but they only have licenses for kids with an IEP who qualify. Instead, I paid 800 for the software and around that same amount for coaching for an entire year of that program. We just finished it and I can say it improved every area of his academics ( except maybe handwriting) It starts at the most basic sound production and works to full reading and analyzing materials. The initial sound program( called foundations) helps guide the brain from sound to language . The second level is an add-on that provides reading and language support. It doesn't teach the material but it allows practice and repetition in what you have already taught. It would be outstanding for her to work on while you need her occupied with minimal support. I also like the hearbuilder Auditory memory model. Both of these use an IPAD It would be awesome if there was also a guided math program online because this would provider he support while you are working. I don't have a good lead on that. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am sure that you know you can pay for raz-kids and do it at home. I used it extensively with one of my kiddos. Again love that IPAD- For my son Fast forword provided me an opportunity to start at the most basic sound level and go all the way through to grade 6. The data was good so I could tell where the squeaky boards were and what needed extra attention. The problem is buying materials that can be used from 1st to 6th grade that are not going to be too expensive and are age appropriate. It more drills and provides repetitions needed for mastery. I would have liked to have had more time to really teach units based on some of the material in fast forword. but other things got in the way. Still my son went up 3 standard deviations in all of the listening skills for auditory processing so we really got our money & time out of that program. Maybe Consider doing Foundations in Fast Forword and then going on to Barton. It would solidify all of her auditory processes and I think really help with the dyslexia. It is about tuning that auditory system and very very essential for reading success and life. The principle is good though. Start at an early level and work through the curriculum. That would help you find where she missed information. It gives you an opportunity to nail the squeaky boards down and build a solid structure. I have the "all about reading" program from level 1 to level 4 that starts at the beginning and goes all the way through. I can't sell it because I took the books apart and put them in binders but I am all done with it so if you feel that would be of help let me know and I can pass it on. It has an accompanying All about spelling that is very good . I used the first book but also worked out of a few other areas. I dipped my toe in "logic of English" but found it wasn't a great fit. I am not up on the Classical curriculums but I will be reading this thread with interest. I think a first strategy is to try a Saturday school with mom. See if you guys can work together and if you have the stamina to take this on. That will give you a good idea before you take the leap and pull her out of school. I loved the tutor idea but I haven't found one that can work with my son so I choose to do that part. The challenge is consistancy. Little drops in a bucket everyday.
  10. exercise_guru

    Construction and noise at my sons school?

    Yes it is controversial and far more complex and poorly study. The best Research is from the National Hearing Institute in Australia. I have actually noticed the stress thing with both my kids. They will have a situation we have trained for, done therapy for, remediated the heck out of and boom the dormant stuff comes out when they are stressed. Hearing in noise is directly linked to Auditory memory so if your daughter works to strengthen that continually it will always benefit the HIN issues. There is a program called LACE for adults that is very affordable and very good for that. I do want to consult with Able kids. My insurance would not likely cover it so I would have to look up what an eval would involved and the filter would cost. For dichotic work, Fast Forword helped a lot based on the SLP testing, as did the hearing in noise ( both of things that FF does not work on at all) He now tests normal in all areas of the CAPD profile after doing that program as well as acoustic pioneer and Hearbuilder. Going forward we will do Handwriting alignment and spacing Finish Speach articulation 15-20 more sessions with IM Soundstorm ( an intensive app by the australians for hearing in noise) Cogmed over the summer or a writing program I haven't decided yet what will be of the most help. Hanwriting The thing is construction stresses the situation and I am concerned it will be a strained year and the auditory stress of the low frequency noise will make My son start shutting down again. I am going to have to so something. We are meeting with the principal to see what options we have as far as FM system, relocating my sons classroom to the other side of the school etc. My plan right now is to try it and if it isn't working switch to homeschool. I am researching curriculums right now.
  11. exercise_guru

    Best pencils!

    Too funny I have contacted them as well and I also bought a ton of packs when they were 3 dollars. We never use up the erasers so I give a nickle if anyone finds one in their backpack and turns it back into the pencil jar. I have tried gluing them with super glue and white glue with no effect. This week I am going to try craft bond and if that doesn't work there is always E3000 ,locktite and gorilla glue I could try. You can still fill the lead if it is glued but yes those erasers are annoying. My goal is to find some glue that holds the eraser in. I bet if the craft glue works I could break the seal and change the eraser down the road if needed.
  12. exercise_guru

    If your child did/does IM...

    The metronome itself is very challenging to stay disciplined and stay on beat. I think crossing the midline and such is really good for bal-a-vis-X and even ILS we did a ton of exercises listening to something and tossing a bean bag back and forth doing memory recall exercises.
  13. exercise_guru

    Construction and noise at my sons school?

    We will probably go out there for an eval as part of a family vacation over summer break. I am asking them if there is any initial evals we can do at home to see if my son would be a candidate. Now after Fast Forword he tests in the normal range. I just don't want to over task his already strained auditory processing with a noisy classroom. We will likely either home school or change schools.
  14. exercise_guru

    If your child did/does IM...

    PP for the initial sessions our coach SLP just started them with that beginner configuration. They tend to rush the tempo or lag it initially so it takes huge mental discipline to get time that metronome. She would do it with him and que ( again I am happy to show a little clip if someone pm's me) If anyone wants to see a bit of that I can put it on our drive for reference. I believe IM ( I will just call it that but really any metronome work) the benefits come from keeping it simple and having them predict the beat. You or I can do this and adjust the timing of our brain but my kiddo needs at least 15 sessions keeping it very simple. Then he would benefit from 10 intermediate sessions using opposite foot and opposite hand. I am saving the last 15 sessions for more advanced work and cross body action once we have gotten to that point. Initially he was all over the place and really shut down if we did IM at home for more than 15 minutes. your ideas for the advanced section are very good. You could put colored dots on the wall and have them tap the color you say or the pattern you say with the rhythm. also build in distractions to help them ignore something and stay focused. I would do that at the very end of the series though once full mastery with on time timing has been achieved. For us this is built into Guitar's and Duets. Initialy we crashed early but now we have built up to where he can do the full 30 minutes to an hour
  15. Hi all Anyone wants to help me brainstorm what to ask for in our 504 meeting Monday. My son is doing very well at the little school next to our house. We do therapy for an hour before school and add guitar after. His teacher is also helping with the dysgraphia support so my situation is very good. My son is also doing choir and Band where he gets support from an amazing teacher who is patient and recognizes my sons hear issues. Everything was rosy and for once I had gotten all to work as a well-oiled machine. Now they are building a new school behind my son's school. It will touch my son's classroom. The heavy construction will be done in the summer but next fall I am in a pickle. We are meeting with the principal to see what accommodations they can make regarding noise pollution and my son's classroom and music room. My son has a very hard time hearing in the low-frequency range ( like air conditioners) he always sits at the front of the class and we could have an FM system if needed. So then there is the option of Homeschool BUT my house is right next to the construction as well so I would have to either move my son to another school ( don't want to do that because I finally got this school trained and on target) or homeschool around construction ( which I have to do for therapy but is going to suck) Any thoughts ? Ideas brainstorm?
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