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  1. I will try to post more at my desktop but Getty and dubay is fantastic for lefties. The trick is to tilt the paper correctly. If you can put a white board in the wall and have him. Practace letter formation it will strengthen his shoulders and arms. Search for dysgraphia and handwriting here we had some excellent threads a few months back I have a right handed child that writes with a hook like. Lefties do. I consulted numerous HT experts and OTs the thing is handwriting has a lot of elements to it. If he can talk clearly try talk to text on apple for rough drafts and then work on the handwriting separately
  2. Thank you for providing some insight. We still are not sure if he contracted a virus that is causing labrynthitis or if it is the after effects of the anathesia and pain medications but the surgery was 10 weeks ago and he has had these dizzy symptoms for 5 weeks. His doctor had him see a vestibular PT but this was on a day he was doing very well and so she didn't know what she could do to help him. Then he slid back downhill and this week is having a lot of difficulty. I have him off of all medications. I am trying to get him lots of good sleep and good nutrition. He ofcourse is having anxiety which makes it all worse .
  3. I have a very difficult situation I would welcome all ideas. My 12 year old had his tonsils out and had a terrible time with the opiod type red medicine they gave him for pain. Nothing else worked so we used it for the recommended 12 to 14 days. He was very depressed and we atribure this to the anastethia and pain medicine plus anxiety. We had to take him off the concerta and now he is having massive anxiety and says he is dizzy. It Might take him. Awhile to rexover from. All this and get his brain right. He is having school avoidance and has stopped reading books (which he loves) even video games are not getting play. Anyone have any experience with this?
  4. I have something going on with my family and PTSD from Cancer therapy. I particularly like Internal Family System therapy . You might want to have a look at This book wish is IFS for children. I am going to order it myself. I have found a farely good therapist but not for my kiddos. If you liked the cartoon "inside out" you should look into IFS. This therapy modality was the inspiration for Inside out.
  5. I can relate a bit. I had a situation in adulthood that makes using my hands very difficult. Apple siri may be the answer. an apple pencil might be worth looking into. Bravewriter pen might also record things. I like the apple myscript because it converts even the messiest letters to correct text and the apple dictation software is supperior . I also like the app notes plus it makes it very easy to create notebooks for each subject. Where I have ran into problems is math. that is where writing requires some manuevering. With my son I used numbers on a cookie tray.
  6. So how the 4th grade pass works is your child fills out a paper online and print it. You present it at the front gate of the national park you are visiting. They talk to your child and have this fun interaction with them about their age and how cool it is that they are"taking their family" to the national park. Then they give you a 4th grade national park pass card . You can go in and out of any parks with that card but your child has to be with you. This was a challenge when we stayed at a campground inside the park and went out for groceries. The kiddos were with Grandma but we had to take my son with us to get back in. Also it goes from August to August so if your child is around that age it would be fine. The disability pass sounds like something you could qualify for. I would ask the Barton parents how they got it and what documentation you need.
  7. you know I don't know of a curricula but I have a son who has Auditory processing and learning an instrument ( preferably one that is patient with a good teacher) has done wonders for him. The clarinet has been even more effective than the guitar but the guitar is such a cool instrument they might latch onto that or even percussion lessons. we do use interactive metronome Home program but he really started to take off when he was in band at school.
  8. I have had a lot of DNA screening for cancer and metabolism of certain perscriptions . I have heard there is one that can help with understanding depression and anxiety medications. What I am considering researching is the MTHFR gene ( folic acid and B12 issues) and the different genes that can cause that dysfunction. For myself I am also interested in the Cardiovasculer and insulin resistance genes. I have considered running the 23 and me for myself and for my husband because of our health issues. Also both of us are already compromised on medical diagnosis because of existing health conditions so it wouldn't put my child name directly in the database. That being said I am pretty sure that they can track all of this stuff with their huge database. So I am likely not protecting their privacy if I run 23 and me on both parents. Privacy and medical choices are difficult to grapple with as parents. Both of my kiddos have some health issues that concern me. Its definitely on my radar for the future.
  9. I think partnering with the teacher is essential. I ask my sons teacher for collaboration and I email her if needed. I try to be succinct and purposeful so I don't overload her inbox. My son missed information like that all the time. He misinterprets what he did wrong on assignments and doesn't know how to fix them. It causes him a lot of distress. I have ask the teacher to write down exactly what he needs to fix so he can remember it. I also am grateful because she sends home a newletter on Monday so I know what is going on. Since Fast Forword that has gotten a lot better. We also did some post speach therapy about remembering content and writing it down. It really sucks to have dysgraphia and auditory processing together because writing things down really helps cement it into long term memory. My son did not want to do that. Its a process that is for sure. I wish FF was free and provided to all kiddos going into first grade. In my opinion it catches so many developmental problems early and remediates them. I wish it had a few more modules( maybe a foundationslevel 3 that worked on dichotic listening and even more auditory memory). I had to supplement that with more hearbuilder AM and Accoustic Pioneer but that was towards the end. My son attends PS but we did 45 minutes every morning of FF. We also continued it through the summer( which would be the very best time to do it) it was grinding to sit with my son everyday and do it. I had to reward to the sky to get him through it but he was a different kiddo coming out the other side. I have written this other places but I have come to realize that for any learning challenge I think it is getting in the repetitions to remediate and help grow the brain. I firmly believe in neuroplasticity. Its just getting the right remediation and doing it to get those 10 thousand repetitions to firm up the nerve fibers. To give you hope. After FF and a bit of maturing my son who is then 11 had this experience. I was giving multiple directions to get the house cleaned up. I usually write things down on a white board but didn't have time to do that as I was in a rush. My son stopped and turned to me and said " Mom what is your priority? I need to know what is the most important thing so I can go and do it" I was so happy because after FF we worked with a speach coach on catching important information. My son recognized that I was flooding him with too much and that he needed to focus on what I was asking and get the most important thing done. That is why I blabber on and on about FF. It was a totally different experience only one year earlier when we started that. I have poured a heroic amount of effort into this kiddo, we do therapy once a week and then practace at home 4-5 times a week. I take a notebook to speach therapy and write notes. I sat with him for Fast Forword. We did Saxon phonics in 1st and 2nd grade to get him reading then FF in 3rd grade because his Auditory memory was so weak. I am still working on the dysgraphia stuff but he got Honor roll the last 4 quarters so these therapies definitely help.
  10. I know he is 12 but see if you can get him to do hearbuilder. I love their auditory memory stuff but the whole tool box is very good ( just youngish) My son was 10 when we did the AM part . He had quite low working memory ( especially AM) I like the links that PM sent I also really like Fast Forword. Strengthen up that root area in his brain that processes language. Beyond that I also have the Saxon stuff that is very similiar to orton - Gillingham. Let me see if I can dig it out. I am emptying my homeschool cupboard because my son has outgrown it and we have been working on this since kindergarten. Need to make room for new stuff. pm me and I can email you some pictures to see if it will help. I wouldn't want much for it just looking to give it to a mom who really needs it. I also have those cards you are talking about I color coded them by sounds I printed them into pictures and made up story boards with them that we practaced daily. It didn't do everything but it did help. Gray day ( long A)
  11. Dysgraphia is tricky. My son definitely has it. Look up the "Arrowsmith school" They have a tracing and writing shapes program that does really help. My son has done years and years of Getty and Dubay and handwriting work along with some "Arrowsmith " stuff I have invented on my own. I had him trace and reproduce shapes for about 30 sessions. Over time as he has matured and we have done other treatments his handwriting has improved and I can now read his math and his writing. Ipad has an app and a pencil that work very well ( Myscript and I think it is notes plus or one note) if you write on the ipad and even come close to getting the letters write it converts it into text. I also like for typing practice. I have tried a lot of other treatments but there is only one I have had a lot of success with. I recommend Fast Forword through a private coach ( because its cheaper and you get the program for a full year) I think it benefits any child who has weak auditory memory and auditory listening and even developing that inner voice for reading. My son could never remember the lyrics to songs and couldn't do Choir now after FF he reads at a high level and sings all the time. He also attends to me when I am speaking and remembers what I say ( not always but atleast a 70% improvement)
  12. This thread somehow did not pop up on my radar. I am not sure about getting the school to pay for testing. I know the school audiologist can do that testing here. The thing is there requirement for diagnosis for CAPD or APD is so stringent that I feel like the school district here was useless. My son went to a private audiologist at the hearing center. He was 2 standard deviations low in 4 out of 5 areas. I took these results back to the school district and other than seating him on the front row they did absolutely nothing . I tried a few different private therapies but what helped absolutely the most was Fast Forword. My son got up and did this most mornings before school for around 45 minutes ( sometimes less in the beginning because it was so challenging for him) After he completed Both foundations levels of FF ( It took around 5 months and a lot of bribery and support from myself and his coach) He tested normal in all areas and went up 6 grades in reading levels. He also could listen and remember information fare better than before. Summer would be a great time to do that program as there is more time to fit it in. I know a great online coach if anyone pm's me I think she would let you demo it and give you a consult at no cost. She is so busy she wouldn't recommend the program unless it would help. I personally think that it helped immensely with my son flipping letters in writing. For some reason it just firmed up that part of his brain. You could do a search as there are a lot of threads we have talked about FF. In all my therapies it has been the best money I have ever spent for my son. I was very reluctant going in and I hated the companies payment model so I found a private coach for less money and took a chance.
  13. I really like Diane Craft. I ordered her vision therapy videos and her kit years and year ago. I also followed her nutrition guidelines from years ago. Personally I did not get much out of it for either of my kiddos. I think the best strategy Test to find out where the deficiencies are. Then try to re-mediate with checklists and 10 minute daily focus until you get 10000 correct repetitions and it clicks. I do think retained reflexes are very very important. We did do Vision therapy at a therapist and I to this day do not know how you would totally re-mediate that at home or without cooperation. I purchased a book off of amazon that I found useful. I also put a sticker on the window and had my son focus far away and nearby. Developing Ocular Motor and Visual Perceptual Skills: An Activity Workbook 1st Edition and this one also looks interesting Vision Therapy for Home Study: A Complete Instructional Book to Improve Functional Visual Deficiencies Paperback – For us we re-mediated Auditory processing ( which most kids are low in) with dedicated Fast Forword. I had tried multiple other programs and did supplement Fast Forword with a two other modules but this is the only program I really saw statistical improvement through testing before and after. We did a private coach and used the program over 6 months. We also did some interactive metronome but that wasn't a big factor after FF either.
  14. I wanted to circle back to the homeschooling challenge vs public school vs special school. I think it is worth evaluating and seeing what services would be available. Often they can teach far more at school than you can purely because they may have tricks that get the cooperation of your child. I homeschooled my 2 oldest and can't homeschool my two youngest. My daughter is entirely uncooperative with me but awesome for other teachers. My youngest is fairly cooperative for teachers and tough tough tough to teach at home. There is a medication that is for ADHD but its fare different from Concerta. I can't remember the name of it but I will try to look it up. There was a family in our church that tried it for their autistic child and said it has been heaven. I think it was strattera is she willing to do computer programs? I like hearbuilder a lot and its very assessible. The graphics are decent and it might give you some time to teach the other two kiddos if you can find some good computer programs for her to do with some of her homeschooling. My brain is also saying "retained reflexes?" Also if you have a treadmill and three kids homeschooling consider letting them watch a favorite tv program in the morning while they walk . I have tried very hard to get my youngest exercise in the morning because they say it really helps focus and attention as well as concentration to get that in before learning.
  15. I have a friend who cleans and then takes a picture of her sons closet and then posts the picture next to the closet so he can match it up. she also has checklists of cleaning or chores or toothbrushes with pictures. Her sons are 8, 10,12 so it really helps. I laughed after posting this because today my son was having a hard time sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor. I literally picked up a dry erase pen and wrote down the steps on our kitchen white board. Then gave him some encouragement that I would check in when I finished something in the dining room. I also clean side by side with him and have him follow recipes to make muffins etc . The mixes have nice pictures on them and it helps him figure out what to do and how to make sure he gets through the recipe.
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