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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!


The weather is nasty here today, freezing rain mixed with a bit of snow. 


•straighten up one of the haysheds

•move bales of bedding into barn for easy access

•go through Subscribe & Save list for December

•make salad and hardboiled eggs, roast beets

•plan my week

•maybe more Christmas shopping

•vacuum upstairs

•mop mudroom

•dinner: coconut green curry

•watch hockey tonight

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Good morning! We went to early Mass, so I have been lounging around since we got home. With a huge cup of coffee and a stack of books. Dd2 is swimming later this afternoon, so we won’t leave until 3 or so. She is going for a cut in the 1000. She may not be ready to make it yet, so we will see.


To do: until 3 pm

Clean kitchen



Update calendar

Email hs coach

Watch football

Go to meet


Home to celebrate or commiserate. Hate, hate being a sports parent sometimes.

Watch football


Have a great day!





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Got up about 6:30 to get the kids out at 7:30.

Found & packed stuff for horse show, got us all ready for cold outdoor sports.

Kid 1 dropped off at farm for horse show.

Kid 2 to Girls On the Run 5K.

Back to horse show to watch most of Kid 1's stuff.

Restaurant for late lunch / early supper.

Home - did some cleaning, house is still quite a mess!


Need to do laundry.

Need to help kids with homework.

Tired enough to go to bed right now.

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