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job related to computer games...


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not just programming

Creating the games requires story telling and art creation

what else


There are professional players

Who runs the tournaments


coaches (some universities are creating teams or have them that will compete under NCAA requirements)

I know the big name games in tournaments are Starcraft and Overwatch, but Age of Empires is coming back too. 


Anyway, I know very little. Where do all the directions of this industry reach. I have a need to understand because I'd like to be able to participate in conversations with certain younger people I know. 


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Game testers, streamers can do well but it is not easy and being a pro reallly helps, analysts both for teams and for companies, artists (computer-aided mostly), user experience teams , then all the marketing and social media teams, customer service. Then you have exports journalists. Lawyers seem to be big as well, since as with all sports, millions of dollars are at play.


I would say League of Legends is much bigger than most, Overwatch is growing a large tournament infrastructure but idk if it will have the viewers needed to sustain it, they need to change their spectator mode if they want to actually have spectators (current rumors is this will be released soon but there is skepticism it will be good enough).

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I said analysts, just wanted to clarify I meant analysts looking to find best play patterns, champion matchups, items to buy, objectives to take at wha time, etc. In other words, number crunchers looking for the optimal way to play the game. Since many games tweak numbers and interactions with each patch, analysts have a full time job keeping up with this.

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