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Might make a run to Ikea in Memphis. Any no-miss food in the area?


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My sister and I are thinking of a day trip. I need some things from Ikea and, though I usually go to Houston, I’m thinking they may be trying to accommodate folks who flooded, so I’m not sure I’ll find what I need.


Memphis it is! I was just curious if there’s any great place we should eat while we are in the area. We will just drive up on a Saturday morning early, shop, eat, and head back to my sister’s, so just someplace close to Ikea and good for a Saturday afternoon!

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Memphis is a foodies dream. There are a ton of "best places to eat in Memphis lists". A lot of them are downtown, though.


I live not far from Ikea :).


Coletta's is not far from Ikea at Stage and Appling, and is the place that invented Barbeque pizza (and introduced pizza in Memphis at all). It's also really good Italian. Like many Memphis restaurants, it's got an Elvis connection.


For Barbeque, so many, but there's a Corky's down Germantown Parkway not far from Ikea.


The Arcade is downtown and holds the claim to having created the Fried Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich.


Gibson's donuts and Muddy's Bake Shop


Los Tortugas Mexican on Germantown parkway.

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