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Fun math/science books


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DD has read and enjoyed piles of elementary living math books. She's enjoyed Penrose, Sir Cumference, The Number Devil, and a stack of Murderous Maths, as examples.


Same with science. She's currently devouring the Scientists in the Field series.


She is 7. She likes fun, "lighter" (no dense text/small print), and a chatty style of writing, but reading level is a non-issue. What else should I be checking out of the library? I need a list so I can just put a couple new ones on hold each week!

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- Horrible science

- Other books of T. Pappas (The joy of mathematics, More joy of mathematics, The magic of mathematics, Math talk) 

- This is not a math book and This not another math book

- The cryptoclub  

- Impossible folding puzzles and other math puzzles

- Mathematicians are people too (i and II)

- Alice in Puzzle Land,

- Books of The brown paper school (Maths for Smarty pants, The book of think, Blood and guts, Gee wiz!, The reasons for seasons and they have much more!)

- Books of Yakov Perelman (maths and physics for entertainment)

- Secrets of mental maths

- Chess for kids by Richard James (according to my kids its an extremely funny story)

- The math book and all that serie

- Sport science for young people

- Cool science (Cool maths, Cool astronomy. Cool architecture)

- A world in a drop of water

- Archimedes and the door of science

- Science Fair Winners

- Engineering for every kid

- Bridges and tunnels (Build it yourself - there are much more wonderful books in this serie)

- All about Physics, All about Biology, All about Chemistry

- Nick and Tesla's books

- The Fact or Fiction Behind Science (Truth or Busted) - serie of books similar to Horrible Science

- Basher books

- Uncle Albert serie

- Books of Stephen and Lucy Hawking about George

- From mud to skyscrapers

- Microbes, Renewable energy, 3d engineering (all Build it yourself)


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