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Who owns the info on the FAFSA?

cave canem

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What is your threat model here? (In other words, what danger are you trying to protect yourself from?) If you suspect your child will use FAFSA information inappropriately, your address and social are also useful to identity thieves band for harassment, and those are not covered.

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OK, you are asking if your son can see information on the FAFSA.

Julie responded that your IRS data is now covered when you use the direct-transfer tool.

However, if you suspect that your child would use your personal information against you, there is still a lot o useful personal information that is not covered.


If your son can see your personal information, what are you worried that he might do with it that would cause you harm?

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According to the office, the IRS retrieval tool is offline for this school year.


It is coming back online for fall 2018 financial aid (i.e. this admissions cycle, rather than this school year). Longer discussion here: http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/655014-fafsa-irs-transfer-tool-is-blind-for-this-falls-admissions-cycle/


Again, you don't need to go into WHY you don't want certain information shared with your child, but it would be helpful to understand what you want to keep private. If it's just dollar amounts, then you are OK with the blind retrieval tool. If it's more complicated than that, you may need to do something else. Working with the financial aid office is a great idea, but if your need for privacy is more unusual, "trust but verify." Colleges have many procedures in place due to FERPA that keep student's information private from nosy parents, but they may have less experience protecting things the other way around.

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