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  1. You probably need more bobby pins. You need LOTS of bobby pins for dance, lots. I always made my kid shake her head and jump around a bit so she could feel where her hair was moving. Then spray it and use a clean mascara wand in clear hair gel for the fly aways on the sides.
  2. Rice pudding, change up your oatmeal. Baked oatmeal is good. You can make muffins. hummus and veggies is also a good breakfast option. I am definitely not vegan but we have vegan house guests from time to time. black eyed pea hummus in a wrap with sauteed veggies is also a great breakfast. Aren't there vegan birkenstocks?
  3. Sonlight's US History is actually what made me vow to never, ever purchase anything from them again. They had some really shoddy info in the IG about slavery and John Holzman's response when he was called out here was less than satisfactory. I like my history curriculum to be written by historians who know what they are doing, I found that Sonlight did not live up to that expectation.
  4. One and done! Paid the enrollment fee last week and it is now a fact that my kid will be attending her top (and really only) choice, a year earlier than we anticipated. But she is already on a first name basis with the chair of the dept. for her major and a few other staff members. I feel really good about the school being a great fit for her. Now to slog through the last few months of high school and take the very last AP exam...
  5. Saxon is a completely different approach to math than AOPS. I have one kid who has gone through high school with Saxon (at WTMA) and one who is currently completing Alg. 2 AOPS at WTMA. They recently wrote an answer to your question on their website, here: http://www.wtmacademy.com/handbook-faq/ Be sure to click on the Math AOPS tab at the top, I missed it at first. This should answer all of your questions about the differences.
  6. Most medical schools are now looking for kids that have majors outside of the sciences, they want more well rounded students. Both of my sisters are have applied and been accepted into medical school within the last 6 years and my daughters friend applied for a a GAPMed program 2 years ago, and this was a big topic of discussion. As long as they have a strong science background and meet the required math and science courses and do well on the MCAT, I would tell your kid to pursue areas that interest them.
  7. Yes! Amy Upperman is a great teacher and this was very helpful for my disorganized kid who seemed to have many "a-ha" moments with ideas that I thought were obvious but he missed. When those ideas were presented by Mrs. Upperman, he got them (like working in a well lit environment with a clean desk).
  8. I am using the IEW online classes, I much prefer being the wingman rather than the teacher. It just seems to work better for both of us.
  9. There is usually a bump in ability after level 4 and then another big one after 6. I think I would just be gentle with her until she is further along. Lots of ear reading is key! As far as curriculum, IEW has been the absolute best fit for writing. Susan Barton recommends that one but I tried a few others before taking her advice and wish I would not have wasted the time. We are currently using AOPS for math but it is text heavy, so that may not be the best fit for a kid who is profoundly dyslexic. Diet...I have a kid with Celiacs Disease and I can tell you, it is a big part of cognit
  10. As a Barton tutor who also lives in Georgia who also is getting a kid off to college next fall and who also has a dyslexic kid that will be entering the ninth grade next fall, I am interested in your journey. Out of curiosity, where is your daughter with her Barton program right now? What level is she in? My son completed levels 1-9 before middle school. I think he and I are going to go back and re-do parts of level 9 and complete 10 this year. Previously, he was too young for the grammar of those levels but he is ready for it now. He is an avid reader thanks to Barton but his speed is a
  11. There are videos on youtube from Norway. Search for the term "pubertet" there are 8 episodes I think and they are very well done and completely secular.
  12. Yes, group work can be silly. I have seen an online English teacher let students grade each others work according to a rubric she set. The topic for the paper was to address a cultural criticism. In my opinion, that is a terrible topic to let other students grade because some of the students graded with a clear personal bias that focused on the message not on the quality of delivery. It is lazy teaching at best.
  13. coconut macaroons, you can dip them in dark chocolate if you want to get fancy.
  14. scores for the standard test are not available either, at least for us.
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