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Resources to help sound out new words

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My middle school dc tests very well in reading ability, yet still doesn't sound out new words well on the first try.  I'm not sure if we should just revisit phonics and practice with nonsense words to get dc to really look at the letters instead of guessing, or if there is some better method for remediating this.  I was thinking maybe Phonics Pathways, with Megawords for syllabification.  Anything else you'd recommend?

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Thanks!  I'd forgotten about Don Potter's site.  This will be helpful!


I'm curious about something.  A few of the words have different emphasis than the one used in our area.  I noticed "il-lus-trate" and "des-pi-ca-ble," both still accepted pronunciations according to the dictionary, but not ones I've ever heard.  Does anyone here pronounce them that way?  Are these British pronunciations?


Thanks again, Ms. Ivy!

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I'm not sure what pronunciation you're seeing for those. As a first attempt at writing out pronunciation, in my area they sound like:

ILL-uh-strate (where the 'uh' is a schwa sound)



I'm not sure how those differ from what you wrote out, or how you normally pronounce them.

I do see that the written ones have odd divisions of sounds between the syllables for pronunciation purpose, but that is typical of syllabication rules.


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My new Syllables program integrates nonsense words and Webster:




I would also give the MWIA, if the slowdown is more than 15% or misses any words on the Phonetic portion of the MWIA (an older student should not miss any), I would do a lot of nonsense words.  Webster is also good but nonsense words are key.

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