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If you still need solar eclipse viewing glasses


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Sorry - I tried to find one of the old threads talking about the solar eclipse but was unsuccessful.


After trying to order from Amazon solar eclipse glasses listed as being made by one of the trusted manufacturers, per the NASA recommendations, I ended up receiving knockoffs made in China. I immediately sent these back and tried again, ordering online from Lowe's.  Just received these today and they appear to be the genuine article, from the labeling on the product to the shape of the cardboard ear piece (knockoffs are shaped differently).


Just wanted to pass this along as I was starting to get worried about finding a product I felt good about using in time for the event.  I'm on the edge of totality and all the local stores, the public library, etc. are out of stock.


Good luck and stay safe.

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I'm at 97 percent totality, and just went this week to Lowe's in hopes of getting some that I felt good about. Sure enough, they were from an approved company, and Lowe's had tons of them! And only $1.98 each. Woo-hoo! I was so glad to not have to stress about getting knock-offs from Amazon.

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I bought some at Fry's electronics. I'm planning to phone the company to check if they're okay. I think the manufacturer is Celestron.


If you have a genuine Celestron product you are good to go. My wife's telescope is a Celestron. They have been around a long time. I do think it would be a good idea to give them a buzz, to verify that what you purchased  are not imitations of an actual Celestron product.  

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