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Quick question about Discover Card and Visa credit card application


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Well, it is normal for them to require SS#. Asking for a copy of the card to be uploaded doesn't give them information they wouldn't get anyway and it could make identity theft a bit harder. I don't see a reason to be nervous?


Just make sure you are uploading only to a secure site.

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It's probably fine. But if you want to be extra safe, why not apply for a visa from a bank where he can physically go and get it done? Then at least he knows it isn't a cyber scammer.

Good idea. does your ds have any official ID, such as a drivers license or non-driver ID?


You mention VISA, but it's a brand name -- Chase Visa will differ a bit from Citi Visa, and do on,


I started googling, consensus seemed to be NO. Here is something from state of Geargia. It's a dot gov website, so I would tend to trust.



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