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Keyboarding typing 2nd grade

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I wish. Maybe if she had actually learned it, but she hasn't. She's only 7.

Well, what about dropping it for a year and taking it up next year again? As you point out, she's only 7. Does she need to be able to type yet?


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There's also freetypinggame.net which is more games. 
By the way, my 7 year old doesn't have the finger dexterity to type adequately. So, he just plays around with typing. Most of the above games are much too difficult for him to do in the time frame allotted.

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I agree, I would drop typing for a year while she grows and gains dexterity and hopefully gets past her current aversion, then start again with something new.  Maybe Type to Learn.  It is sometimes on sale through Homeschool Buyer's Co-Op.  It is a good program and fun.  However, there are some speed drills that can be exceedingly difficult to get through.  Touch Type Read Spell is good but it isn't "fun".  It is also frequently on sale through HSBC.


Whatever you choose, make certain she is placing her fingers correctly each and every time and that she is seated at the proper height and with a keyboard that works well for her.  She needs that consistency to develop proper muscle and procedural memory and so it doesn't become physically uncomfortable to type.  Also, make sure the focus is on accuracy.   Speed will eventually come if she can type accurately.  Don't make the focus on speed (wpm) while she is still learning.

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