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  1. Looking for ideas for spelling for my 8 year old. She will be 3rd grade in the fall. She has used AAS since Kinder, but she consistently tests lower in only spelling. She really doesn't like AAS either. She did like AAR, but she has finished that program all the way through the last level. Her reading and vocab scores are good, but her spelling continues to lag behind all her other areas. She reads well IMO and tests slightly above grade level in reading. Does anyone have suggestions on a spelling curriculum? She generally learns easily in other areas, and I would say visually is her easiest learning method. She is able to memorize, so I'm wondering if that is why AAS isn't working. Thanks.
  2. Do you have any guides you use to discuss with after each chapter? I feel ill equipped to discuss without a guide. I have been using audio books paired with printed books. Read first then, Listen second. How do you go about knowing which skills to target in comprehension? It’s a struggle for my child.
  3. I am in need of suggestions for literature/reading for upper middle school. We have struggled through Memoria Press literature this year, but it has gotten too difficult. I know we could back up a few grades in MP, but the format isn’t working either. Reading level/comprehension is closer to early middle school, though. Has anyone used a reading/literature program their child thrived with, easy to use but enough content to grow (better for learning challenged students)?
  4. Talk to me about 8th grade Language Arts. I wondering how your gifted/accelerated learner does with Michael Clay Thomas vs Excellence in Literature. Do you prefer one program over the other for 8th grade level. Can you do a mix of the two successfully? I was thinking of going with EIL and adding MCT vocab. Thoughts anyone?
  5. 😀 She is using Cover Story this school year, but she likes it so much she will finish soon.
  6. Has anyone found a good unit study or curriculum on journalism? Looking for something brief to teach the basics to my middle schooler, but she can easily do the work if it is high school level. We will be possibly using Byline next Fall, but I am looking for something much shorted to finish out the school term. She has a opportunity to submit a story for a local magazine, but I want her to know the basics before she starts the writing process. Thanks.
  7. Has anyone found a good unit study or curriculum on journalism? Looking for something brief to teach the basics to my middle schooler, but she can easily do the work if it is high school level. We will be possibly using Byline next Fall, but I am looking for something much shorted to finish out the school term. She has a opportunity to submit a story for a local magazine, but I want her to know the basics before she starts the writing process.
  8. Is there a thread somewhere that has links to writing and poetry contests or publication options? This school year one of the ways I am trying to challenge my 11 year old accelerated/gifted child is asking her to submit for contests or publication when she finishes school early for the day. Her main area of accelerated learning and giftedness is in Language arts and writing. She has been just googling options, and it works ok but I wondered if there is a list somewhere of good options for her. She already submitted for a few, but I know there are probably many more options. Thanks.
  9. Has anyone used an academic counselor? If so who? Would you recommend them? Was it worth the cost? I am needing help to solidify a long term plan for my 11 year old accelerated learner. I feel like I have a good grasp on long term plans for my other 3 children, but I feel I need help with this child. She excels at pretty much everything in life, but her area of giftedness is Language Arts and Music. I know she is easily capable of getting her associates degree by 18, if not sooner.... but I am not quite sure which route to take. Community College locally or online major University? AP classes yes or no? When can they start these? Any parents who can offer suggestions on paths for middle school through high school including AP classes and college credit? We are a Christian homeschool family and I want options that respect out worldview.
  10. Does anyone have suggestions of a program for French similar to homeschool spanish academy online? I like the interactive live teacher who is a native speaker for HSA. Have you used any online programs you could recommend for French that are similar? I want to make sure they are "safe" and have good instruction. Thanks.
  11. I'm looking for some extra spelling practice online for my 2nd grader. It needs to be fun and engaging and not seem like work. I don't particularly want to enter lists (like spelling city), but just want her to get some extra general practice. I am willing to purchase a program if necessary, but free would be better. We already use AAS. Thanks.
  12. I don't update my signature often. Her math is videotext algebra.
  13. Did you buy a test prep book for your gifted child the first time they took the SAT or ACT? My 2nd daughter is registered for the December SAT and Feb ACT. Why or why not? Also, if yes what did you use? Thanks.
  14. I wish. Maybe if she had actually learned it, but she hasn't. She's only 7.
  15. It is self guided. The student listens to the cd for the rhyme learning portion and for the spelling quizzes. My oldest dd found it hard to take the quizzes from the cd. He talked too fast for her and has an accent, if I remember correctly. It didn't seem to stick for her at all. You stay in the same lesson until you get so many correct. She changed to AAS 1/2 through. My 2nd one breezed through a whole level in one semester at 9. She then asked to move to AAS with her sisters.
  16. Need suggestions for 2nd grade keyboarding/typing. My daughter has done keyboarding without tears the last two years and now hates it. Need something more fun.
  17. Can anyone tell me their experience with Easy French? How long it takes per day, how well it is laid out, self paced, etc????
  18. Not sure which program to go with regarding vocabulary? Excellent speller, girl, 11 years. Learns easily with any method of study but likes to be challenged. Finished AAS. Which program do you like and which level do we start? Thanks.
  19. My daughter excels at music in many forms including piano, guitar and voice and she's also highly excellerated in language arts. She takes piano and guitar/voice lessons already. I was wondering if anyone knows of curriculum or resources to assist her in development of music composition? She writes lyrics to music already and makes up songs but I was hoping to give her a bit more guidance. Any help or ideas????
  20. Help me out... what's CLRC? Thanks for the help. Looking up the Latin now you recommended.
  21. Trying to come up with a accelerated plan for next year for my 2nd DD. She seems to have her greatest strengths in LA and music and creativity. She is 11 and will be continuing with some of our regular curriculum next year, but I would like to add some other things in for her. I may also consider online LA classes that are for gifted kids. She has been using: Memoria Press Literature guides (1 grade ahead) Fix It grammar (middle school) IEW writing (medieval next year) Diana Waring History Revealed (this one allows her to do amazing creative projects and dig deep for presentations and reports) Duolingo Spanish and Getting Started with Spanish All about Spelling (finished) Figuratively Speaking Guitar and Voice lesson weekly Piano lessons weekly She's also a competitive club travel team soccer player How can I challenge her and allow her to continue to pursue her love of writing, reading, language arts, foreign language? 1. What options are out there for LA online for the gifted? I looked at the Stanford one and it doesn't have good reviews. We are looking for something that won't contradict our Biblical worldview at the moment. Open to suggestions that are secular, though. 2. What is a good 2nd foreign language option? And what curriculum do you recommend? I was thinking about latin, but not sure what to add next. What is a good starter Latin for her at 11? 3. Wondering about a creative writing program that will guide her to write short stories, poems, maybe novels, etc...... I saw a mention of Cover Story, but I am not familiar with it at all. I'm thinking I would need to drop IEW for her if we add this area? Does that sound right? 4. Should we add a vocab program that focuses on roots and which one? 5. Poetry memorization and study..... suggestions? 6. Literature reading list that is advanced but content isn't inappropriate? She can read anything put in front of her, but sometimes the content is just too mature. Open to other suggestions. I don't know that I will do all these options, but looking for direction. This is new ground for me. Thanks so much.
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