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If you sew- favorite patterns for you?


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I'm looking specifically for blouses. My favorite top right now is the tova top: https://shopwiksten.com/products/womens-tova-top-dress-sewing-pattern-pdf


Looking for new patterns... I really like bohemian, tunic, peasant type blouses. Any ideas of patterns you love, please share! Free is great but I'm totally willing to buy patterns too! Thank you!

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I'm on my third or fourth Butterick 5215, view A.  It's a basic t-shirt, and the pictures on the pattern are absolutely horrible and inaccurate.  But I love that now that I've got the fit right, I can whip one up with just over a yard of fabric.  I've been experimenting with different fabrics (differenty nylon/poly fabrics for exercise wear, cotton for everyday, etc.), different necklines (drafting my own), and different neck finishes (binding, using the selvage rolled edge as an edge treatment, etc.).  I want to do some upcycled and/or patchwork versions next.  

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This is my go-to top for me: http://www.peekaboopatternshop.com/sun-kissed-tee/ I have 3 in knit and 1 in ruffle knit. I also have fabric to make 2 more in ruffle knit. Simple and quick and looks GREAT. 


I also love this pattern from her: http://www.peekaboopatternshop.com/skyline-skort/ I have 4 made of them. Yep I really love it. In fact I am wearing both of these patterns as I type. :giggle:


I have also made her swimsuit (boy shorts and a halter top) and that was easy. Did I mention I am a fan? LOL I prefer her patterns over store bought as I can always print out the right size and I never loose pieces. ;)

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Kwik sew patterns have been my staple for literally decades. McCalls now owns the company and only a very few are readily available at Joann fabrics. I can get them at my local fabric store but I also shop online on their website as well as EBay and Etsy. They fit well and are sewn together in ways that make sense. They don't put a keyhole neckline opening in a t shirt you would easily pull over your head.


Do a kwik sew search, find women's tops. There are tons. Sorry I don't know how to link on my IPad.


I have a few designers in McCalls patterns that I like. Nancy zieman is one of them.



I do shop online at the indie sites such as peek a boo ( previously mentioned) patterns for pirates and a few others.

I find it frustrating to print, tape, trace, etc, but they have cute patterns!

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I'm on a Jalie kick right now.  I love having the 27 sizes (or however many) all in one pattern.  That way if my kids like something I made for myself, I can make them their own version.   For example, I made myself a pair of Vanessa pants, https://jalie.com/jalie3676-vanessa-fluid-pants  and now I'm making a pair that is a couple of sizes smaller for dd.


Other recent makes have been Eleanore pull on jeans https://jalie.com/jalie3461-eleonore-pull-on-jeans (I had to size these up one size to get them on ... dh loves these, and dd even commented that they were cute),  dolman top https://jalie.com/jalie3352-dolman-top-sewing-pattern (I do the sleeveless version which takes about a yard of fabric, and have been doing major stash busting with this), Loulouxe skort https://jalie.com/jalie3670-loulouxe-skort, Anne-Marie tank https://jalie.com/jalie3463-anne-marie-tanks-dress (out of leftovers from leggings, so it coordinates -- look at me, getting all fancy with the workout wear - WHO IS THIS WOMAN IN THE MIRROR?), cropped tops https://jalie.com/jalie3247-crop-tops-gym-shorts-pattern (for dd, originally for a swimsuit top, but now have made multiples that she just wears around as a bottom layer -- her friends sort of want in on the action on this one) ... all within the past month.  Much of the fabric from stash, some of it years and years old. 


I recently discovered that if I buy the PDF versions most of them have layered sizes in Adobe, meaning I can just print out the sizes I want. So amazingly easy.  


Note of interest -- Jalie patterns tend to fit more closely than a lot of other patterns.  I find it helpful to read reviews on patternreview.com or in the Facebook group Sewing with Jalie to get a feel for how others sized things.



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I am currently making Colette's Moneta dress.  Colette patterns come together nicely.  Instructions are clear and they often have online sewalongs with even more detailed instructions and photos.  I also like the Aster blouse from Colette.


Last week I stitched a v-neck t shirt using a pattern that I had used once before.  On my first go around, I had some trouble with the neck band.  I thought it was perhaps my lack of experience with knits on this sort of thing that was the problem.  But I loved the fit of the shirt so I tried again.  To my dismay, I had the same problem.  I went online for advice on neckbands.  Ultimately I decided that the problem was the pattern--it just doesn't come together nicely.  That one is in the recycle bin.  The way it goes...



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I really like the patterns from Seamwork.  I have used a few and they have turned out great.  I get their monthly e-magazine that comes with two new patterns each month (you can download both month for like $6 or something like that), and they also offer tweeks for patterns that you already have.  It really inspires me to want to sew more.  





I like this top:



and this one:



both of those tops are easy and cute!!


link to magazine:



all that talk of sewing rooms last weeks makes me want to clean off my machine and get to work!!

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