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The So Much To Do Teachers Lounge 7-5-2017


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Good morning and welcome to the Lounge!


Let's all take a deep breath, shall we? In 1 - 2 - 3, hold, let it out 1 - 2 - 3.

Repeat once, And then once more. There.


I so enjoyed my day of rest yesterday. Today there will be no rest! DS's bday party is HERE on Sunday afternoon.

I will be gone most of Friday and Saturday. That leaves today and tomorrow to get the downstairs straightened up.

Yesterday, I was very specific and told my husband we would NOT be ruining yesterday doing his version of housecleaning:

once very few months or so he decides the house needs to be "cleaned up" and then starts throwing most everything that's paper

away (without really looking at them) and commanding the kids all day to do things. Nope, sorry, not happening on a holiday, especially

not when I just need a day of down time. So he didn't.  ;)


Anyone else in crisis cleaning mode this week? Here: see above. And, please, if you are a born-organized person and "don't really understand

how people let themselves get to the crisis cleaning mode stage", please keep that thought to yourself. I have done what I can for years to 'get 

organized' and have finally come to accept that I won't. 


Any of you have birthdays coming up? Here: mine was in March, son's is this Sunday, dd's is in August, and dh's is in December.


Any of you live by a lake? Or in the mountains? I want to come visit!  :001_tt1:


Talk to me! :bigear: 


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We are in crisis, purge mode trying to get rid of a lot of odds and ends that will never be used again while also getting all of the supplies for each of the engineering and science projects we are mentoring next year in clear tubs and labeled. 17 projects not including rocket team supplies. Plus we have an 8" telescope to sell with some lens, and when ds moved back in from his apartment he was NOT organized so guess who is working on his mess!


Nephew had a bd last week, and one niece at the end of the month. That's it for July and August. Then we have our ds, two nephews, two niece's, dh's brother and his sister in law all in September!


We live 20 minutes from Lake Huron, in terms of beach and frollicking. We live one mile from an inland lake - wetland - that we hike to for wildlife watching...wood ducks, geese, mallards, turtles, tree frogs,...it is very wild and cultivated back there so sitting in the meadow with binoculars, or wearing waders in order to get into the edge is about all one can do there. It is a half mile of serious nature hiking from the trail head to the lake, and the trail head is half mile from our house.

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Crisis Cleaning: I'm partially born organized and partially lazy.  We're in crisis cleaning mode because apparently I'm the only person in this house who can clean so when I was so sick the house got gross and I just didn't care and didn't have enough energy to do anything about it anyway.  So now it's driving me NUTS.


Birthdays: Fritz will be 11 on Tuesday.  Cameron's birthday is on October, Jamie's is in November, Ani's is in February.  Mine was in April and Adrian turned 9 a couple weeks ago.


Lake or Mountains: Nope.  It's pretty flat here, though we are on the edge of the Hill Country.

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Sitting down briefly in the Lounge to have a bit to eat before I continue with some Swim Team Mom duties today.

I actually have help this year, which is a true blessing, but there's still a lot I have to do myself.

Going to 'retire' from the position after this season. I need to not have quite-so-hectic summers!


Glad to see you, FaithManor and Butter! Everyone else must be sleeping in! 


And is luuknam still in the throes of moving?

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Hi Scrap, FM and Butter,


No crisis cleaning here. We got about half of a regular weekend clean done Saturday, so we could use a more thorough one this coming weekend. No company coming to make it front burner urgent, though. If the floors and bathrooms are clean and everything generally tidied, I can get by. Deep cleaning my kitchen next week when Ds and Dh will be at scout camp.


Birthdays! both my kids in June, but Ds hasn't had a party yet. We'll do it at the pool at the end of July. We have just been too busy! 


Lake - yes, about 35 minute drive away.We don't have a boat and rarely go, except for scout camp or campouts. Mountains, 3 hrs to east TN and 4 to western NC. The Cumberland river flows through my city and many tributaries run through residential neighborhoods. We play in the creek lots, does that count? We even have a large creek/small river right behind the pool where we swim. Fishing and general creek fun in the shade when one needs a break from the pool and the sun.

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Crisis cleaning: I SHOULD be in crisis cleaning mode. I've been training the kids on some new chores and bless them they are excited and trying hard, but just don't meet my standard, lol. So while they are gone I should be getting stuff all done so when they "help" it will be easier. But instead, here I am, lol. I did recently start the sidetracked home exec system, and it's been helpful, but I'm not yet consistent enough to say I'm doing that system, and my house is still a crisis to me.


Birthdays: summer is my time off. The next birthday is in September, then we have a birthday every month through March. 


Lake or mountains: no lake here, but only a 20 minute drive to a nice mountain range. We picnic up there in the summer a few times to escape the heat. There are creeks and some "real" vegetation and it's a nice change of scenery, just a few minutes away. 

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Hey everyone. Glad to actually find this when I can actually participate. . I often come here looking for y'all, but don't find the post.


Crisis clean is my middle name. Ever since my previously launched children came back home, my house has been a wreck. Plus, I don't host any groups any more and no one else comes over so the paper monster has taken up residence. I do have a cleaning woman come every two weeks, but even that has not been enough motivation to stay on top of things. My standards have definitely slipped. Sow were in full on crisis mode when dh's sister actually accepted an invitation to join us for dinner on the 4th. (She hasn't done so in 2 years, despite living 25 minutes away.) I'm woking on not being too overwhelmed to tackle some major decluttering so that we can finally redo the living room. This project was put on hold 6 years ago when we got Bear, the Wonderchewer. The 26 year old furniture is falling apart. We are just about done homeschooling so I have tons of stuff to get rid of.


No birthdays until October. K was in May ( but they no longer want to acknowledge that one, but are choosing a 'trans' birthday.) Dd and I were in June. We have gotcha day for Bear coming up in a couple weeks.


No mountains near us in the 'burbs of Chicago (unless you stretch the definition and call Wilmot Mountain something other than a bunny ski hill.) We are about 50 minutes to 2 hours away from Lake Michigan, depending on traffic. We have a few larger ponds near us and a river. The closest we have to outdoor water recreation is our ersatz "beach", which is a bunch of trucked on sand for our community "pool" ... a converted quarry, which is about an acre of swimming area. Thankfully, we have lots of forest preserves for some.nature hikes.


Working on biting my tongue with my high acheiving, but unmotivated dd. I think the pressure of the last year, combined with the loss of structure of school and the anticipatory grief of all her non-climbing friends leaving for college, on top of the difficult situation with her sibling as taken a toll. Unfortunately, I have already committed to spending a fair amount of money on going to climbing Nationals and she is struggling to find the motivation to train hard enough. Oh and there have been some coaching shake ups that have added some chaos to her training.


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