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Spill-proof travel glass/mug


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I'd like to send DH to work with fresh juices, but we've tried mason jars and Lifefactory bottles. He's struggled with both of them leaking around the run/mouth area when drinking and carrot juice stains, etc.


Any successes with certain mugs/cups that I could send him off with every day?

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My Contigo travel mugs from Costco have never leaked.


We love these. I don't think they're in the stores right now. They usually return in the fall, and we buy a few boxes to replace older ones and give as gifts. We keep two for tea only and four for coffee (because DH usually takes 2 to work). 


The Contigo water bottles are excellent too, but Costco didn't carry them this year. Target has a big end cap. They're 20 oz instead of 18 oz though, which is a bit too large IMO. I like the old ones that came in 2 packs at Costco. Eventually they lose their vacuum seal (dropping if you're klutzy like me) or dishwasher. 

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