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Credit Recovery Policies Needed

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Found this for North Carolina


"2. Q. How is credit recovery recorded on the transcript?


A. Credit recovery only serves to recover the credit toward graduation and does not affect a student’s grade point average (GPA). Therefore, the credit recovery course will appear on the transcript with either a “P†for pass or “F†for fail. Neither of these marks will affect the student’ GPA. If the credit recovery course is passed, then the transcript will show a unit of credit for the course which will count toward graduation. The record of the student originally failing the course will remain on the transcript with the failing grade associated with it and will continue to impact the student’s GPA.


3. Q. Shouldn’t the student’s GPA be affected by taking a credit recovery course? If a student has originally failed a course and recovers it, it seems only fair that the student’s GPA be impacted.


A. Credit recovery has been defined as just that, recovering a credit; that is its sole purpose. If

a student wants to both recover the credit and increase his or her GPA, then the student should repeat the entire course to achieve those goals. The purpose of credit recovery is to earn credits toward graduation" http://www.ncpublicschools.org/docs/accountability/testing/eoc/creditrecovfaq14.pdf

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In our district, and most others around us:


Remediation grade must be a C- or higher and replaces original grade to earn A-G qualifications for UC/CSU (a D is allowable for purposes of graduation).  If an honors course is being remediated, only college prep credit is given for the course.  

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