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The giraffe was born?


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I thought I would hear it here first. But, no! I had to read it somewhere else.


BTW, do they even know how long a giraffe's gestation is? This makes me think not.


  We had a thread on it including the link to the cam. Several of us watched it happen. I read a giraffe is pregnant for 15 months. I don't know what they calculated for her. I wasn't paying attention at first.


April the giraffe.

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I was surprised to learn of it on FB rather than here, too!


Little freaky to have hooves hanging out for that long... I'm a fan of natural birth and have done it almost 3 times (last-minute emergency with #3), but the legs made me seriously queasy.


But I liked that the giraffe (daddy?) in the next stall was so attentive.

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