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  1. I'm certain my youngest child is dyslexic. I use AAR (very slowly) with him. Is there a benefit to having him officially tested or will I just to be told "Yep, he's dyslexic, use an Orton-Gillingham program"?
  2. Yes and yes. We added an extra water filter so I feel better about it. We generally drink from bottled water, but we use the faucet water for brushing teeth, washing dishes, etc. For the toilet, I'm a stickler about toilet cleanliness so I clean out the tank after every camping trip. It takes about 15 minutes using one of those toilet wand blasters. I know most people only use it at the end of the season, but I'm worried about smells. Everyone tells me it's overkill, but I'm okay with that.
  3. It was absolutely frightening to see how quickly that red barge sank!
  4. You can refill the large water bottles at my grocery store for not too much (much less than $5). Perhaps you have a grocery store or convenience store that has that option? If not, I would buy a filter system for my faucet and refill the large bottles at home myself.
  5. Not a fight or a hill to die on. Sounds like DH wanted to help and next time you'll know to double check the forms yourself to make sure you have what you need.
  6. My Sequoia has great leg room in the third row. I found this website that compares the 2015 Suburban and Sequoia. The Sequoia has slightly more leg room than the Suburban. I don't know what the width is, but I was able to put 3 carseats in the back row.
  7. I'm not sure how much towing power you need, but we easily tow an ultralite with our Toyota Sequoia. I'm very conservative about tow ratings. I had to look it up - 7,400 lbs for the Sequoia.
  8. Were you planning to fly to Yellowstone? How were you going to see the park? Renting a car? We did Yellowstone last year for WAY less than anything getting close to Disney, but we also didn't stay in the park. We enjoyed Glacier NP so much more than Yellowstone. Less crowds, saw more wildlife, fantastic hikes, and every single mile of Going To The Sun Road is gorgeous. But you really do need your own car to get the most out of it. What types of things do you want to do on your vacation? If you won't have a car, but you'll just be flying Southwest and want to keep it under $300, I'd recommend someplace like San Juan or Turks and Caicos in the late fall (after hurricane season winds down).
  9. Not yet, but I will be in about three hours (waiting on DH to get home from work).
  10. Costco has a base layer called 32 Degrees HEAT. It has a scoop neck, so I can wear it underneath all my regular shirts. It's currently on sale for only $6.99. I bought two of them last year and love them!
  11. YES! The police in my city encourage residents to answer the door (or at the very least make it obvious that you are home). Most criminals are looking for houses where no one is at home at the time. You don't want to surprise a criminal who thinks he/she is breaking into an empty home to steal some electronics and jewelry.
  12. Declawing is essentially a bone amputation, not merely a nail removal. It some places it's outlawed as cruelty to animals. Many vets won't even perform the surgery any longer.
  13. He has to pay $220,000. He withdrew an initial $100,000 from his retirement and he'll pay $500 a month for the next 20 years, according to this article.
  14. No, I wouldn't remarry. I'm married to my Soulmate. He's the only one for me.
  15. Roasted Chickpeas - can of chickpeas, olive oil, and your favorite spice mix (taco seasoning, curry, or even just garlic powder and salt). Rinse and dry chickpeas, toss with a little olive oil, bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes. Toss with your favorite seasonings.
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