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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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I feel such a sense of relief today.  I took my Latin final last night.  Now I no longer have to deal with on line classes for myself.  Hooray!  Also, I thought I was going to attend a certamen today but it got cancelled (long story) and I also was going to attend a baby shower, but I wound up saying I couldn't go because of the certamen which is now cancelled.  Though part of me would like to go, another part of me is sick of driving (shower is 40 minutes away) and would like to have a quiet, puttering around the house sort of weekend. . . 




tidy up (spring cleaning is due)

take a walk (maybe with dh?)

Maybe go shopping and to the library

maybe read and nap?

Maybe relax with dh who has had a really exhausting several weeks at work but now has a well needed lull in franticness.  

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Good morning, ladies! 



-get oldest to gym

-pick up from gym

-clean kitchen

-get school week planned

-remind DH he has to help youngest make a catapult or trebuchet for co-op Monday



-grocery store

-get some sun today

-workout (missed last two days)


-go to Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game with the family tonight

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Good morning! It's a beautiful morning here, the first sunshine we've had in at least a week.


•feed birds

•work with horses

•take a long walk

•order vitamins

•get measurements for new furniture for kids' rooms

•think about Easter plans


•begin decluttering upstairs bookshelves

•dinner: a big salad for dh & I, kids will make their own

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I don't think I've ever joined one of these threads... but here goes:


I will have much of the day to myself due to rehearsals and martial arts, stuck home with no car. Hoping to make the most of it without getting overwhelmed by being too ambitious...


Grocery list (DH will shop while BabyBaby is in class)

Keep laundry moving

Change sheets (master bedroom only)

Clear off my desk:

a. Sort stuff that doesn't belong there into only two categories: mine to figure out, NOT mine to figure out

b. Make sense of what's left at my desk so I can work efficiently... working at all would be a step up!

Leftovers for lunch, clean out fridge to make room for groceries

Dinner: Breakfast for dinner

Shower, fix hair before bed to make getting up for church tomorrow easier

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