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Did you have your student do the SAT essay? Pros/cons?

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Not sure if I should advise dd to do the essay on the SAT-May will be her first time taking SAT. She is a junior and got 1290 on the PSAT in October-720 on English (I think only got 3 wrong) and 570 on math. Liberty University for nursing is top choice college, but we want to make sure all our bases are covered in case she changes her mind. She is a strong writer but hasn't had to write much under pressure.


What should we do in this case? What did you do, and why? What are the pros/cons of the essay?


My biggest question is: Does it count against her score if she does the essay and doesn't do well? I'm hoping we have nothing to lose by doing it, and everything to gain?


I know I could google for some answers, but honestly, I'm getting so overwhelmed by all the info out there and I'm trying to keep it simple due to health reasons. And I've been on these boards (and the old ones) since dd was four years old-THIRTEEN YEARS!!, so I trust you! :)

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Better to have and not need than to need and not have.

The essay does not contribute to the composite score, as far as I understand So I see no con.


For us, it was the ACT that had the optional essay and needed this decision; the SAT essay was still mandatory at that time.

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Check out the colleges your kids are looking at. Mine isn't going for anything that requires the essay or SAT Subject tests, so I am not going to add to her exam anxiety burden by signing her up for the optional essay.


But, if there is a chance that a school will require it, I'd do it. How many more times will she take it, do you think? She doesn't have to do it this time if you know there will be more times.

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