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best yarn for crocheting?

Anne in CA

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I don't think I have the mental energy to take up knitting again. I knitted 20 years ago when no one else did and now knitting is cool again, but I don't want to start. I am thinking about a couple of crochet projects though. I keep seeing cute stuff that I'd like to make...


Where is a good place to get yarn online for crochet? What are some good websites with fun patterns? What weight of yarn should I buy that will work for the most projects??? All tips are appreciated.

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I like Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn. It is worsted weight and $3.99 per skein, but they have it on sale regularly. I have used this for afghans, shawls, scarves, even a sweater. It is acrylic. If you are making dishcloths, I would use 100% cotton yarn, like Lily Sugar & Cream. I mostly knit, but the afghans are usually crocheted. 


I also like Vanna's choice. I bought some yarn on Knitpicks.com...Brava, worsted weight. I haven't actually crocheted with it yet, but it is soft and fairly inexpensive. It is also acrylic. 


I really love Ravelry.com for patterns! 


Happy crocheting! :)

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I agree the Craftsy kits are a nice starting point.


In general, crochet is much easier when you use a slightly elastic yarn whose plies don't want to split apart (more tightly twisted works better it general). But it totally depends. My default when teaching anyone knitting OR crochet is cascade 220 for a reason :)



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