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Amazon Coupon: Eligible Orders of $50 or More $8.62 Off (Exclusions Apply)


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Nevermind, found one that Amazon sells. Thank you! I had a gift card and rewards points to use so I ended up spending zero dollars on a food scale I needed, 2 boardgames for 2 bdays that are coming up, and a small bday gift for my dd. All things already in my cart, minus the scale which I had to swap out, for a total of $50.08. just the right amount to get the most out of the coupon!

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From my news feed: "here are some exclusions: the discount doesn't apply to digital content; video games; Amazon gift cards; or orders placed via Alexa, Prime Now, Amazon Restaurants, or any mobile app other than Amazon Shopping."


It works for me when I bought some books that were in my cart for a while.

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So annoyed I put through an order last week. Ugh.

8 bucks isn't worth being annoyed over! If it really annoy s you then think of what you can do this week to save 8 bucks. Are there 8 dollars worth of snack foods you don't need to buy from the grocery store, are paper towels really necessary this week, etc.


When I find myself being frustrated over small amounts of money I like thinking about what other silly things I spend that much money on. It either gets me to spend more wisely in other places or makes me laugh at myself for being annoyed by a tiny amount of money.

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Amazon Prime members can currently score a free $20 credit to Amazon Music Unlimited. Here’s how:

  1. Go here and click on the banner that looks like the image above.
  2. Click the “enter your code†button, use code TREATFAMILY, and then apply it.
  3. Upon confirmation of your code being successful applied, exit out of the dialog box.
  4. Click to sign-up for Amazon Music Unlimited & select the $14.99 monthly Family Plan.
  5. Click “Start your 30-day free trialâ€. Your promotional credit should be reflected on the page. (Note: this promotional code is valid for Amazon Music Unlimited Family Monthly or Annual Plans only.)
  6. Enter/confirm your billing address and credit card information. Click “Next.â€
  7. Click “Start your 30-day free trial†to confirm the transaction.
  8. Your $20 promotional credit will be applied to your subscription automatically after your 30-day free trial ends.

That means you’ll get two full months for FREE with this code. If you no longer wish to continue after your free months, be sure to cancel your subscription before it renews at the full price.

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