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WWYD? Making plans


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I agree with Zoobie. 


I've gotten stuck before when I've asked someone about doing something, they say they'll get back to me, and then don't, and I either end up not doing it, or I'm annoyed about it but not wanting to be a nag.   So I will follow up with something like "hey, sorry if you're not ready to commit, but I need to know about X by tomorrow."  Often people have either forgotten or they wonder why I want to know so soon.   I stop asking people like that.  :-)



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Oh yeah.  Always give a time by which you need to know.  People come in all different levels of consciousness re: this kind of thing, and some people need a deadline.  :0). Also, some people have a hard time saying "no"--if that is the case, send a text and say that you want to finalize your plans and that if she can't go, that's fine, you just need to know whether to invite someone else.  That gives HER space to say, "Oh, that might be a good thing if you invited Zooey to the show."   SHE didn't have to say "no" and you have your answer.


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