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Alright all, hit me with your science curriculums. He has math up through Algebra II pretty darn solid.


Ds took one look at the AP Enviromental Science we were going to do next year and essentially said no. He was thinking more Earth Science I think. The child has done most of the human-impact-on-science stuff in the trenches. He analyzes Environmental Impact Statements on his off time. He did not want to spend a year studying it. Ok, fine.


We have done Chemistry up one side and down the other. He is currently waiting a year or two and then going to take the AP test. We have covered the content extensively, but the short answer portion freaks him out. His writing still looks like he is 12, even if it doesn't sound like it.


Anyone know of high school or early college level Earth Science (he loves my bio geo chem book)?

Anyone have strong (honors or AP ish) high school level science?


Bonus points if it is a curriculum with multiple subjects so we can keep going year after year.


He is not STEM. He could care less, actually. He really like large systems science.

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After looking it over, we have a plan. Thank you so much for the suggestions. It turned into one of the most fruitful conversations we have ever had regarding science! Apparently, science was "meh" because there wasn't enough applied chemistry. Well okay then. How silly of me for not getting the applied chemistry version of the elementary science texts.....


Using Tarbuck, we can break the year up into five main subjects: Big Bang/Geologic Time, Geology, Oceanography, Meterology, Astronomy


Texts: Earth Science by Tarbuck (hopefully 13th edition, but there seem to be piles of resources for the 11th) & selections from Biogeochemistry: A Global Analysis by Schlesinger


Great Courses for each of the sections in Earth Science:

Orgin & Evolution of Earth, Nature of the Earth: Intro to Geology, Oceanography: Exploring the World's Final Wilderness, Meteorology: Introduction to the Wonders of Weather, any of the astronomy courses (they all look so good!)

Some of these are a bit long, so we may have to pick and choose lectures. In general, he really enjoys watching mutliples a week so it might work out.



Based on wanting to go to boarding school and no early graduation, this is a rough scope of the next few years:

Earth Science with Tarbuck; Biogeochem for applied chemistry (7th Grade)

Human Physiology with Stanfield; on the look out for a biochem book (8th Grade)

AP Bio with Campbell & Reece; depending on what was covered in 8th, possibly AP Chem too. Essentially, this would be a testing year to validate the chem and bio of the previous years (9th Grade)


If he feels confident enough for AP's by 8th, then AP Bio test then. 9th would be physics and a refresher for the AP Chem test. He cannot decide at this point if he cares about physics.


ETA: Boarding would be 10-12 grades.

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