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Another name for "Memory Work"?

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I don't like the term Memory Work because I feel like it has been so widely used that it has a connotation of rote learning and unpleasantness. Not that we never learn things by rote, or that it is always pleasant, lol! But in general our "memory work" is meant to affect our souls, enliven our discussions, and move our hearts towards God.


So, what can we call it that reflects *that* connotation, rather than just the ol' "Memory Work" connotation?


I like terms like -

- remembering

- by heart

- memory

- work (See, I like both the words individually, just not together)



I am wanting to use this new term with adults in our church, too, not just kids. So I don't want anything that sounds cutesy or childish. Any ideas?




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Memorization? "Time to do our memorization"?

Presentation? and teach them how to stand nicely to present their memorized information?


Or just don't call it anything? We don't really call it anything, we just do it as part of whatever class the info is from.

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