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Aero Engineering or related classes

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My son would like to get his pilot's license (too expensive so not going to happen) and take a course in that field.  The problem is that he is only in Algebra 1 currently and in my opinion not ready for college level classes.  Does anyone have any ideas what we could do?

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Embry Riddle Aeronautical University offers 2 free classes right now.



Have your son join EAA as a young Eagle and he can take their Sporty's flying class for free.



Homeschool connections offers Aerospace classes both live or through their recorded classes.



Aeroscholars offers two semesters of classes as well. http://www.aeroscholars.com

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Has he had Physics?  If not, IMO, way too early to begin thinking about Engineering.  I also think the Free MOOC courses from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (I am enrolled for the one about Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and joining the CAP might be good things for him to consider doing.  

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Here are a few undergrad programs that I'm familiar with: 





Both ends of the spectrum: ISU is an easy school to gain entry and offers remediation, etc. Purdue is where future astronauts go to learn. 

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