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  1. Not self-paced, but online. http://www.dreamingspireshomelearning.co.uk/
  2. My daughter who did Pre-Calc in 9th has done the following sequence via dual enrollment: 10th - Calculus; 11th-Statistics; 12th-Discrete math She could have done more Calculus any of those subsequent years, but decided that she wants to go into Engineering, and that she wants to start Calc over in whatever Engineering program she does even though she got an A in that first Calc class.
  3. Following. My daughter is interested in this for next year.
  4. My daughter who is loves math and has always done well was also completely lost in Foerster's PreCalc with the MWB flash drive videos. We wasted 2 months on that, then tossed it, started over with Shormann's PreCalc, and it is going great. Sometimes a curriculum just doesn't work. I hope you can find something that works for him!
  5. Homeschoolconnections.com has conceptual physics and biology recorded classes. You can have unlimited access to all their recorded classes for your family for $330 for the whole year. Both kids could take their respective science courses for one price. It might be worth looking into!
  6. Thank you! This was very helpful. My daughter has been beside herself all day after not doing as well on her diagnostic practice test for the AP US Gov test as she thought she should have. With this site I was able to show her that she probably would have gotten a 3, and that she still has time to practice the exam format. I think now she will be able to breathe and move forward with a better attitude instead of feeling defeated.
  7. My oldest used ALEKS to repeat Pre-Algebra when she first came home for school in 7th grade, then continued with it to complete algebra that year. In 8th grade she completed both Geometry and Algebra 2 in ALEKS, then Pre-Calculus in 9th grade. Each year I tried to get her to try somethIng else, but she always fought me. She just liked ALEKS. This year I really thought that she would crash and burn as she went into an online college Calculus class. I thought that ALEKS could not have prepared her well enough for Calculus and that I would finally be proven right after all these years. Well, she got an A in that college calculus class. So, while I am loathe to admit it, ALEKS seems to have done a good job as a stand alone math program in this one example. My younger DD hated ALEKS and we use a completely different math program for her. Hope that helps!
  8. I know a couple of homeschooling families irl that have had a child go to an academy. I will share some of their tips second-hand after seeing what other advice you get. I'm following because my oldest is aiming for the Air Force academy. She is in CAP and dual enrolled with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University online. We are also prioritizing team sports, although hers are not the usual team sports so I don't know how they will look at them (Synchronized figure skating, high school skating team, and homeschool track team). Fwiw, CAP is fabulous, has taught her so much, and given her amazing experience and opportunities.
  9. I haven't used them yet, but I have Health and Lit & Comp on my shelf for next year. Can you explain what you are looking for in "instructional writing?" Every Lesson in "The Hero's Journey" has a writing assignment that includes a "writing tip" that then refers the student to a section of "A Pocket Style Manual" or "Write it Right" for more information. The final 2 lessons are larger writing assignments; a 5-page essay analyzing the literature studied and a hero's story focussing on plot and character development. HTH!
  10. This is exactly what we are planning to do next year! I'm am so glad to hear it is working out well for you!
  11. Thank you for posting this. I think you may have given me a glimpse into my daughter's mind.
  12. Homeschool connections also has a German class - both live or recorded versions are available.
  13. Also, have your son join Civil Air Patrol. He will get free orientation flights, and he can apply to fight academies when he gets to a high enough level and get his pilot training for a fraction of the cost of doing in through private lessons.
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