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Hit me with your best list of places to buy fair trade goods - especially clothing.

Jenny in Florida

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My daughter has committed to trying hard to purchase only fair trade/ethically produced clothing. I'm trying to honor that as we shop for gifts for her for Christmas.


I've found a few lists, including these two, that have been helpful. However, there are still a few items I'm looking for that I haven't found (or at least haven't found an option I especially like at a price I am willing to pay) through any of these outlets:






If anyone has suggestions for other retailers I can check out, I'd be grateful to hear about them.

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There is SERVV: http://www.serrv.org/category/shop?utm_source=Website&utm_medium=Homepage&utm_campaign=SERRV


There happens to be a Servv not very far from me, but I think you can order things online as well.


Thanks, yes, I've looked at them, too.


Specifically, I need a pair of (women's) pajama bottoms that would go with the t-shirt, socks and appliques I've already ordered. However, I'm also just browsing at this point for ideas to fill out her stocking and maybe add a couple of packages under the tree.


The pajamas are turing out to be a very tough item to find. In previous years, I've often sewn them for each family member, but:


a) it's harder for me to feel confident about fit when she isn't here in person.

b) I'm really struggling to find time and energy to be crafty this season.

c) even if I commit to sewing, I would need to source an attractive, matching fabric that would meet her criteria AND could be ordered to arrive in time for me to get these pants finished.


I would really much prefer to just buy something.

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