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Help:gum near front tooth still bleeding after fall yesterday


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My son fell on his face yesterday. He hit his top front tooth. This morning it is all black with dried up blood and still bleeding somewhat. he says it hurts and he is not eating much. I'm worried. The earliest we can see a dentist is this evening or tomorrow.



I would get in to the dentist's office sooner, as in first thing this morning. 


This is important. When my dd avulsed a front tooth (of course, permanent), our dentist said I should have called her at home. We're not close. I would never imposed. Seems to me dentists should tell new patients that and teach a protocol, w/ reminders at check ups, but I digress. 


It would not be fun, but cayenne pepper in water might stop the bleeding. Who'd want that in his mouth, though?

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Looking at the ages of your children, I'd assume this is a permanent tooth. I'd get in sooner, rather than later; it might be the difference between saving that tooth or not.


When my youngest was small, she fell and fractured the roots of both her front teeth (and tore her frenulum).  An x-ray at the dentist showed us this.  Luckily, the teeth didn't have permanent damage (turn black or gray), and fell out a year or so later (a little early but oh well).  But it was nice to have a plan and the dentist's feedback.


Can you call and get an emergency appointment?

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I'd call the dentist asap and insist they see him as soon as you can get there. At least so the dentist can take a quick look and decide it it can wait until later or needs immediate treatment to save the tooth. If the front desk demurs, ask where to go for an emergency visit.


Usually kids in pain get prompter treatment. :-(

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