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WWYD: 8 yr old requesting a letter grade.

Shred Betty

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I'm not going to start recording grades. This is only about handing her back a graded test with a letter grade at the top.


Usually I give out smilies, check pluses, two check pluses if all mistakes self corrected or she's gone the extra mile.


This is a little different.


She is asking for a letter grade. She says she "wants to know what it feels like" and even if it's not an A it's ok LOL I think she just wants to feel a little grown up, KWIM? Watching too much Alvin & the chipmunks.


I have the test in hand and she's expecting it to be graded when she wakes up haha so - what would the hive do?



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:) I am afraid I'll be opening up a can of worms. Or Pandora's box...


And it's my first time ever grading a test ever, so it seems like a big deal! Especially for grade 1/2.


I'm googling rubrics, lol I was thinking all I had to do was assign a few point per problem then knock off points from 100 for wrong ones.

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My kids get their outside classes tests back as a percentage usually from their teachers. They just mentally convert to letter grades.



A = 90-100%

B = 80-89%

C = 70-79%

D = 60-69%

F = 59% and below


My kids tests all have marking scheme even for kindergarten level German. It is the writing assignments that went by rubric and were harder to grade objectively other than giving full marks for the grammar portions for no grammar errors.

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If you ever decide to do grades again, or she wants grades again, I would suggest that you be consistent about what you grade off for and make it clear to her what those things are and why before she starts the assignment.  Try to be realistic about expectations and keep in mind the overall goal of whatever the assignment was.  Make sure the grade is actually testing the skills you were wanting to review in the first place.  


For example, if you asked her to write about a new science concept and it was important for her to understand that concept, I would focus on the understanding and not on the spelling.  You can work with her to check spelling, but don't count off on the grade for spelling.  It might inhibit her from trying to get her full thoughts out.  Spelling can be worked on separately.


Glad it is over now.  Hope she is happy.  :)



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