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My youngest is mostly nonverbal. He's going to be 15 in a month and very hard to figure out a present for. I'm thinking about getting a microphone. He seems to like trying to talk into them. I've had the chance to observe this twice. 


I do not want to get a toy microphone. Since he will be 15, I do not want to give him that looks like something made for a preschooler--he can tell what's meant for persons his age. 


Where do I look for a microphone? Can I get something for under $50. I have no idea how or where to look. 

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Does he have something he can plug a microphone into (an amplifier, or a boom box, or a stereo system, or a computer, for instance), or will you need to get that too?  If you already have a sound system of some sort that has a jack for a microphone, make sure you get a microphone that has the same kind of plug (1/8th inch (3.5mm), 1/4 inch, or XLR), otherwise you'll also need to get an adaptor.  There are many microphones to choose from on Amazon or Best Buy's websites, in all price ranges.  You just need to plug them into something.  (Anything self contained would be a toy)


Would he want to record his voice?  We used to use cassette tape recorders to do that, but those don't exist anymore.  A digital recorder might be fun for him, if he has some technical abilities.


Sam's Club carries a sound system that has great sound and costs about $150, and comes with a microphone he can talk into.  If he want's to sing to music, he'll need some sort of bluetooth device to be the music source.  



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If he is going to be talking using a computer/laptop/tablet, then a microphone might be useful. E.g. https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Labtec-Desktop-Microphone-600/dp/B000O7K4LO


If he likes something portable, digital recorders are great. E.g. https://www.amazon.com/Olympus-VN-7200-Digital-Recorder-V404130BU000/dp/B005756GYM


If he has a smartphone, he might just like talking to the phone. My older who rarely likes to talk tape himself on his iPad. He used to tape himself on my old iPod touch.

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