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What does your 2nd grade schedule/routine look like?

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We are going to start homeschooling 2nd grade in the fall. I will have a 2nd grader, 4yr old, 2yr old, and a newborn in October. I have my curriculum set and materials pretty much gathered and in place, We are doing some 1st grade remediation/homeschool 'light' during the summer, so I do have an idea of what is and isn't working for us right now. I just wanted to get an idea of how others spend their day, focusing mostly on the 2nd grader. Strict schedules? Relaxed routines? Day to day, how does your homeschool work? 


(The 4yr old and I will spend time slowly working through the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading, as well as working on some pre-writing skills and having lots of read-alouds. The 2yr old will tear the place up and be generally demanding, as per his personality. The baby will nurse, sleep, poop, and spend most of her/his time in a baby carrier on my chest/back. Housework will suffer. It's all good!)

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We are finishing up 2nd grade over the summer. We are pretty relaxed. It gets done when it gets done. That's how I operate with a baby/toddler in the mix anyway.


A typical day for the 2nd grader would be some variation of the following:


-8 am breakfast and morning routine (teeth, hair, clothes, make bed, pet/plant care)



-language arts



-12:00 lunch/read alouds

-play outside for an hour

-piano practice

2-3pm quiet hour

3:30 errands or shopping

5pm pick up time, set dinner table

Outside after dinner for 30 or so min (not in winter, in winter we have a dance party or YouTube workout video)

Bath, bedtime stories, lights out by 8.


There's plenty of time in between the basics listed for free play. We do have outside activities a few of those days that would fill the "errands" slot. But that's a typical day for her this past school year.


On a bad day where baby is teething and refusing to nap or I have a ton of calls for our business, the books might not come out til I'm making dinner, the baby's playing in a container of corn meal with measuring cups, and the 4 year old is playing games on his tablet. I'm calling out spelling words to dd as I'm cooking or she's reading aloud to me after dinner while the boys are in the tub. Like I said, it gets done when it gets done. :)


Good luck on your first year!

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We follow a pretty regular schedule, because I don't have to worry about working around babies or toddlers. This past year my 2nd grader practiced piano right after breakfast. When she was done practicing, we started schoolwork. Her schedule was approximately:


30 min - Singapore Math

10 min - Cursive practice

10 min - Spelling or Journal writing (on alternating days)

20 min - Writing (working on self-chosen topics)

20 min - Skoldo French

30 min - Reading aloud to her (always a literature book plus either history or science on alternating days)

*Plus she would read in her bedroom right after lunch & again before bedtime. I didn't assign this or monitor it, though; it was always free reading.


I think it would be pretty hard to follow a strict schedule with so many little ones and a newborn. When I was in that stage, I always worked my schedule around the baby's nap time, because that was the only way to get anything done. Do the 4-yr-old & 2-yr-old nap at some point during the day? If I were in your place, I would probably declare the hour after lunch to be "quiet time" and teach them both to lay down and rest or look at books for an hour. Then I would use that time to do schoolwork with the 2nd grader so that the newborn is the only one you have to juggle at the same time. Start with the subjects where dd7 needs your undivided attention. She can do independent work afterward or earlier in the morning. Personally, I would probably schedule all the independent work for right after breakfast, let her play for the rest of the morning, and then do the work that requires my help right after lunch. 

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In the fall, I'll have a 2nd grader, Kindergartener, a 3.5 year old (who will be going to preschool), and a 1 year old. Yikes. Haha


We'll probably just keep doing what we've been doing. I don't have a strict schedule and we school year round so that we can take breaks as needed.


On the way to preschool drop off I'll have DD7 read to me from a reader. When we get home we'll do math (Rod and Staff 2) for about 30 minutes. We are doing MFW Adventures this year so we're doing the LA with that (Language Lessons for Today and Rod and Staff Spelling 2). That will probably take 20 minutes. Then Memory Work. Then I'll probably do math with my Ker. And a couple times a week we'll do Song School Spanish together. After all that I'm sure it'll be time to get the preschooler so we'll do that and I'll have her do a math game or listen to an audio book.


Come home, eat lunch, put baby and 3 year old down for naps. After they are asleep we do history and literature read alouds and I have her read aloud to me. She is doing the Veritas Press self paced BI bible course, too, so she'll do that on the computer a couple times a week. Then I'll do AAR 1 with my Ker. After that is rest and free time. Any other readings we do will be at bed time. But basically, I'll try to do all the skill stuff during the morning.

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Do the 4-yr-old & 2-yr-old nap at some point during the day? If I were in your place, I would probably declare the hour after lunch to be "quiet time" and teach them both to lay down and rest or look at books for an hour. 


The 2yr old is still napping pretty consistently for 1.5-2hrs every afternoon, about 30 min after lunch. The 4yr old is absolutely fabulous with quiet time - he has been known to disappear into a bucket of Legos for 3-4 hours at a time. 


I've been starting the daily summer work during nap/quiet time. He'll go off and do the independent stuff (spelling, math, and handwriting workbooks and science reading) and then bring it to me to check. That leaves us with history, grammar, and reading to do together. I've found that this part doesn't always get done, or that we are rushing it at another time because the littlest woke up or their was something else to do during nap time. I think it would be better off having him do the independent work as soon as he gets up (he usually prefers to wait to eat for an hour or so, if given the opportunity), and then do the mom-led subjects during nap/quiet time, so that they get done more consistently.

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We have been doing 2nd grade for a couple of weeks now.

Here is our general schedule:


9:00 Morning Time (Bible; Hymns; Fine Arts; Memory Work; Read Aloud (Ambleside); Cursive)

10:30ish Foreign Language (We are currently alternating between Latin and Mandarin)

10:40ish Math or Language Arts (his choice)

11:00sih Math or Lang Arts (the other one) - L.A. alternates between Primary Language Lessons and All About Spelling

20 minutes independent reading assigned using Ambleside

12:00 lunch

12:45ish Science

1:00ish Geography (10 min on computer)

2:00 Quiet time - he chooses to free read

History is done by listening to SOTW when we are in the car


Disclaimer: I have an advanced reader and so have no time set aside for phonics instruction or him reading to me.  He begged for Mandarin and Science this year, which is the only reason I am bothering.

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We finished second grade today. :)


Multiple breakfasts while mom starts laundry

Brush teeth/dress while mom showers

Out for recess

Morning snack around 10

Table time: cursive, math, grammar, anything else that involves paper and pencil

Piano practice

Couch time: reading, history, read-alouds, anything requiring the laptop

Lunch around 12

Anything else that needs doing - library, swimming lesson, errands, etc.

Quiet time

More recess, usually playing with neighbors

Dinner at 6

Free time until 7:15 or whenever Dad's out of the shower

Bedtime routine

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My son just finished 2nd grade:



-Morning routine (Bible memory work, devotion, hymn sing, read aloud with picture books geared toward my younger kids)





-Piano practice

-Loop subjects (history, science, geography) We just do the next one on our loop, some days we do two but most days it is just one



-Morning routine




-Poetry and Teatime


Our days are relaxed. I try to do things in the same order and we try to start at 9. If my 3 year old was having an off day things got changed up. I would have my 8 year old do what he could on his own and we would scrap the rest for the day. He also read a lot on his own so he always has a pile of books to read from.

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I think with toddlers and babies in tow, relaxed and flexible is going to get you the most mileage [emoji846] For instance, having set times when you're 'supposed' to do things will go out the window quickly. Ask me how I know! Our first couple of years were pretty crazy.


This year for second, I am focusing on building some independence into DS's day. His reading is solid, so we won't have to work on that.


Morning Basket: DS's will have Bible, art & music appreciation, Life of Fred, and poetry.


First seat work block (approx. from 10-11:30): Easy Grammar 2 (very repetitive format, easy to accomplish with only a little help from Mom)

Math: I will teach the lesson (5-10 mins) and then he will do his worksheet.

Spelling: 10 min lesson

Wordly Wise: vocabulary, spelling, handwriting all in one.

Latin: watch the video, work on the lesson with me.

Maybe science if we have time; otherwise after lunch.


Lunch and recess.


After lunch I'm planning an hour to do Biblioplan with him and big sister together. Possibly science as well at this time.


There might be a little more, but right now that's all I can remember. [emoji1]




Mom to 8.5yo DD (4th grade), 7yo DS (2nd grade) and 4yo DS (K4)

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We are starting our school year in about a week.  I will have a 2nd grader, a Ker, a not quite 3 year old and a baby.


The Ker tags along with the 2nd grader for all the content subjects...he really doesn't like playing alone and would much prefer "doing school" with us.


Our routine:

7-8am - Up, dressed, chores, breakfast (I read aloud to them from a novel), tidy the table


8-9am - 3 year old and Ker play in the play room while I do writing, spelling, Spanish, piano and a few odds and ends with the 2nd grader (the baby hangs out with us)


9-9:30 - Clean up the play room, have a snack (while I read picture books of their choice), put the baby down for her nap and get the 3 year old settled playing by himself in his room


9:30-10:30 - Together school with 2nd grader and Ker.  Science, history, poetry memorization, handwriting, geography, art.


10:30-lunch - Live life


Right after lunch - 3 year old down for nap while the baby plays by herself for a bit and I do math with the big boys (individually)


1-3pm - Rest time for all



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This past school year I had a 2nd grader, 1st grader, 2yo, and newborn in March. It's totally doable, you just have to keep moving. :)


I find that having a routine with some steady touchpoints really helps me. The kids know what to expect next and I like knowing where I should be so I can cut the right things to keep our day rolling smoothly. I don't adhere to a rigid schedule, but I like having a framework.


7:30 - everyone up. One likes to sleep, one loves to wake early, so our rule is that you read in bed until then and it's a happy medium. I'm up and showered by then most of the time.


8ish - everyone dressed, beds made, rooms tidy, having breakfast.


8:30ish - While they finish eating I tidy the kitchen and start reading at the table - Bible and morning basket type stuff. We do memory work and journals together next.


9:30ish - we do individual work, with the 1st grader spending a lot of time playing with the 2yo. I rotate between baby care, individual teaching, 2yo help, and household chores (often baking, since we school in the kitchen anyway).


After that we move to whatever content work we are doing (this is always their favourite or I'd do less of it). History, science, art, etc. Usually involves reading aloud.


12:30ish - lunch - we usually listen to classical music or skip count kid or something while we eat. Then playing outside or whatever.


1:30/2ish - Quiet time. 2yo naps, olders settle in with separate audiobooks and Playmobil/Lego/art supplies, and I lay down with the baby and read or nap. I put a LOT of effort into maintaining this habit as it makes all the difference in my sanity. The olders love their audiobooks and often stay in longer than required.


3:30ish- everyone is up and working on chores/piano practice and playing.


5:30ish - dinner


7:30ish - begin bedtime routine


We generally have one morning and one afternoon out each week (Weds morning, Thurs afternoon). On those days, the time at home happens in the same routine as usual. Weds is our morning Bible study/homeschool group, so we don't do our own school that day.

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Even without littles, we do so much better with a routine than a tight schedule. Same things in the same order, flex with the day's circumstances. The sense of rush that a tight schedule creates does not help our family. We like structure, not pressure.  


Our 2nd grader's routine last year, Monday-Thursday:


Up and dressed, bed made

Breakfast and family devotions

Brush teeth 

Piano practice

Independent reading

LA - cursive practice, narration or dictation, spelling, grammar. Not everything every day.

Wiggle break! 15 minutes or so.



free til lunch

Lunch and Read Alouds


Memory work

Science or History, sometimes.


Afternoons mostly unstructured. Piano lesson one day a week. Church one evening and basketball one evening in the winter. 



Fridays he went to an Art and Drama tutorial all morning. His only schoolwork was piano and math facts drill before this. He was an 8 yo 2nd grader, very average academically. Very wiggly! Much more interested in comic books, lego and playing outside than schoolwork!



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