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Looking for a Root Word/Etymology programme...and homophones?

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My 11 and 9 year old finished Words by Marcia Henry this week and both requested more on root words and word meaning/history and similar. This took me by surprise so I've been looking around. They both liked seeing words with similar meaning word roots [like script and graph] so I'm trying to find something that teaches similar meaning root words together. The closest I've found so far is Growing Your Vocabulary - Learning from Latin an Greek Roots - but this seems to be quite difficult to get in the UK. I'm looking through teacherspayteachers but as there are over 6000 things under 'root words', I'm hoping someone here can help me narrow things down!


Also, my 11 year old is really struggling with homophones and homonyms [and has always struggled with similar sounding words and spelling in general]. I was going to use Spelling Made Easy: The Homonym Way to Better Spelling by Connie Schenkleberg as a summer change of pace from Essential Spellings but Everyday Education which had the ebook seems to have withdrawn it and I've been struggling to find it in the UK other than used books [which as it is a workbook makes me nervous]. Any advice or recommendations for similar would be appreciated.

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This is my new "enthusiasm" of late.   :001_smile: I have come across several fantastic resources lately.  Nothing that is really a program or curriculum, but great for learning more about word study and doing "structured word inquiry."  I really like Marcia Henry's book also.


Real Spellers


LEX (Linguist Educator eXchange)


Word Worksingston


Online Mini Matrix Maker


Online Entomology Dictionary



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