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  1. Sweetpea, we've shared comments back and forth over the years about our sons and math. I've got an 10 year old, 5th/6th also. We opted to start AOPS Pre-A this semester over finishing Beast. ONly two weeks in, but so far so good. He loves the videos and explanations, and has been fine on the frustration/challenge front. I've not pushed for pace yet, just letting him do 45 minutes or so split between lesson work and Alcumus, Since you already have it, might be worth a try. We're just going to go slow, not rush, and let it work until it doesn't work. Just want to encourage you that he may be ready for the more "grown up" format before you think he is, and that the challenge level in the first chapter has been less than BA5.
  2. What resources do you recommend for anatomy for middle grades/early logic stage? We have books, looking for add ons, such as apps, coloring book, models, etc.
  3. Where's Toto, did the lessons plans you're using for EdScratch come with the Edison's bots? My younger one is wanting me to do a robotics class for his age, but I don't want to shell out for multiple we do 2.0, since we have one and it's staying power isn't awesome as they grow.
  4. I'll be interested to see how BA online changes the practice element, but as is, no, I don't use it as complete. I use it as a problem solving and logic strand, and use Singapore as our main curriculum for math.
  5. My DS is nearly the same, turning 11, coming from Singapore, my plan was for AOPS pre-A in January. We've been watching pre-A videos from AOPS and Derek Owens samples just to get a feel for it, and I think DO just feels more accessible for the younger age group. I need to get the AOPS pre-A text ordered, but I'm considering doing DO first, then lopping thru AOPS. Whine, like what I did with Singapore and beast. Be interested to hear what you all do! Pre-Algebra curriculum is worse than learn to read curriculum! Too many choices and too much angst! I seriously think I could actually teach pre A in less time than I've spent researching and worrying about it!
  6. I'm using google classroom for a co op life science class I'm teaching. I really like the set up and hope it will help the students complete their homework easily and independently. I'd love to see how other homeschoolers or co op classes ar setting it up and what features you're using, if anyone wants to exchange class codes and compare notes.
  7. WeDo would be outgrown very very quickly at his age. Keep saving for mindstorms. If unsure if he could handle it or want more info, watch some you tubes, or ev3lessons.com programming lessons and download the mindstorm software (home edition is free) to see if he feels comfortable.
  8. Any creative types want to help me? I'm teaching a co op science class, and planning to give the kids points for doing readings, watching videos before class, completing homework, sharing a project, participating in class. It's kind like Who's Line Is It, Anyways, where the points don't matter. No grades are given, unless parent assigns grade to their own student, so the points don't really equate to anything. I would like to make a list of "ranks" or "levels" that the students can claim as they earn points for class. Lighthearted and motivational is the goal. I need help with what to call the ranks. Would like to have 8-12 ranks. Lab Rat 0-14 points Lab Assistant 15-29 points Beaker 30-44 points Bunsen Honeydew 45-59 points Mad Scientist 60-74 points Albert Einstein 75-89 points Dr. Doofenhsmirtz 90-104 points Would really like some creative help, my brain just won't fill in the details well tonight!
  9. Hated. Has nothing to do with phonics and everything to do with computer and typing skills. And the pictures are odd. Really enjoy using the workbooks though!
  10. Would you also mind sharing what mosdos levels you had and if you thought the workbook was worth it or not? Thanks!
  11. I'm not sure if you've had a chance to look at the ev3lessons site yet or not, there's LOTS of material there, and they have a Beyond section that gives additional resources. We also purchased a previous year's FLL challenge and began working on it for fun and challenge. You may want to look for a robotics club or FLL team in your area if you want to go beyond what's on that site with Mindstorms.
  12. Ev3lessons.com is good, free, and easy to follow for newbies.
  13. Continually in flux, but current thoughts: Math-- finish Singapore 5, beast 4 and 5 as supplements, start some kind of pre-A LA-- I struggle making decisions and implementing here. Writing-- Using W&R narrative 1 now, claims it is his favorite subject, so continuing this series. Handwriting-- cursive practice, add typing. Spelling-- Spelling workout Grammar-- need to figure out. Did a word roots program for 4th in this spot. Literature-- thinking of Mosdos, a few novel studies, and some Shakespeare, need to figure out how to implement that. Figuratively speaking unit. Science-- life science with labs at co op History-- American year 1 at co op Art-- at co op Spanish-- at co op, need to add at home component here since he is asking for more Logic-- need to add Geography-- continue map tracing weekly Programming-- robotics team, would like to set aside time for practicing at home each week also PE-- at co op, swim team, seasonal rec sports Memory work-- timeline song, CC history and science sentences, vocabulary words It looks like so much written out. Literature, Spanish at home, and logic will be additions, so hopefully we will be able to manage these!
  14. Edeemafie, did you end up using this? How did you like it?
  15. And I like the rescue game idea, I'll have to do that one, they'd love it!
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