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  1. Sweetpea, we've shared comments back and forth over the years about our sons and math. I've got an 10 year old, 5th/6th also. We opted to start AOPS Pre-A this semester over finishing Beast. ONly two weeks in, but so far so good. He loves the videos and explanations, and has been fine on the frustration/challenge front. I've not pushed for pace yet, just letting him do 45 minutes or so split between lesson work and Alcumus, Since you already have it, might be worth a try. We're just going to go slow, not rush, and let it work until it doesn't work. Just want to encourage you that he ma
  2. What resources do you recommend for anatomy for middle grades/early logic stage? We have books, looking for add ons, such as apps, coloring book, models, etc.
  3. I'm using google classroom for a co op life science class I'm teaching. I really like the set up and hope it will help the students complete their homework easily and independently. I'd love to see how other homeschoolers or co op classes ar setting it up and what features you're using, if anyone wants to exchange class codes and compare notes.
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