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    New or used condition.


  2. I have both student pages for A and B and teachers guides to sell. They are all in very good, clean condition. PM me if you are interested.
  3. I quickly scanned the replies, so I apologize if this has been mentioned already. There are many points I would like to address, but in the interest of time I can only choose I few. There was a woman by the name of Bella Dodd who was a member of the Communist Party of America (CPUSA) in the 1930s and 1940s who later became a vocal anti-communist. After her defection from the Communist Party in 1949, she testified that one of her jobs, as a Communist agent, was to encourage young radicals (many homosexuals) to enter Roman Catholic seminaries. One has to wonder what the total impact is to the Church. I just quickly posted the link to Wikipedia, but there are reports of this in books and links all over the internet.
  4. Barn converted into reception halls are becoming more common and very popular here in the midwest. There are some beautiful conversions...all heated and air conditioned. Is there a website for the venue? I wouldn't worry about wearing something particular for the setting. We have been to some wonderful and beautiful receptions in them that are very comfortable. The only caveat is if the barn is a private person's property and they are just dressing it up for that occasion...then that's another story.
  5. Sarah Ward is the guru you might be looking for. Love, love her stuff. If you can see her in person, don't miss it. Here are some links. The last two are found in an Autism forum but are relevant to anyone with EF challenges. Her 360 Degree Plan (Get Ready, Do, Done) is fantastic. The best I have seen for EF strategies. I also really like her time management strategies. If you google her name with "executive function" you will find many, many pdf handouts from her presentations.“job-talkâ€-developing-independent-executive-function-skills
  6. Thanks Ladies! I knew this was the place to ask. She has done the markers and played around with various nibs. I should have been more specific. Looking for pens with cartridges that you can switch out various sizes of nibs.
  7. Oh my! There are some pens on there that cost more than my car!! :scared:
  8. My dd (15yo) wants to learn calligraphy. Does anyone have suggestions for pens with cartridges that would be appropriate for a beginner? We tried what seemed like a nice set from Hobbly Lobby, but they weren't any good. She watched a bunch of youtube videos about what to do if you can't get the ink to flow. After trying everything, she gave up and we returned them.
  9. Paprika! Meal planning/grocery list/ recipe box. Love, love, love.

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    Brand new in shrink wrap. Asking $8 ppd. I prefer PayPal (non cc) but will accept other forms of payment. Thanks for looking. Julie



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    New World Explorers from the Time Travelers Collection by Homeschool in the Woods. We had a great time with this and the end product was wonderful. In very good condition. Asking $16 ppd. I prefer PayPal (non cc) but will accept other forms of payment. Thanks for looking! New World Explorers, contains 25 lessons that can spread across 5-10 weeks, covering: Reasons for Exploration, A Sailor's Life, Ships, Navigation, 23 Explorer Profiles, Pirates, and more! Format: CD or Download (Mac & PC Compatible) Suggested grades: 3-8



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    In like new condition. Asking $18 ppd I prefer PayPal (non cc) but will accept other forms of payment. Thanks for looking! Julie



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    Includes cd-rom set (not auto graded) and Answer booklet. Asking $50 ppd. Both are in excellent condition. I prefer PayPal, but will accept other forms of payment. Julie



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    Primary Level for K-2 In very good condition. Just shelf wear to cover. Binding tight and no creases. All pages are clean. Asking $20 ppd I prefer paypal (non cc) but I accept other forms of payment. Thanks! Julie


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