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History of the United States 2nd Ed - Great Courses

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I would like to buy this course ( History of the United States)  on DVD to use next year. I was wondering what was the lowest price that you had been able to purchase it for? I think I need the DVD rather than Cd because I've read there are quite a few maps etc used in the lectures. Also, our internet is not great for streaming. I've seen it for $199 on sale recently, but wondered if it would go any lower. I've seen some for sale on Ebay, but not much lower in price.




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I've seen it on DVD for just over $100 on sale. I bought the audio through Audible when they had a huge sale on their Great Courses.


I'm halfway through and glad I didn't go with the video. We just get the audio done much easier around here. Nothing I needed the video for has come up. (I like the first lecturer's voice best so far!)

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DD/10th used an Audible edition last year, and we didn't once wish we'd bought the DVD instead. At the time the guides didn't even come with them; now they do.


I picked ours up for free when I signed up for Audible's free trial. One credit = one whole Great Course series. I could have canceled before paying the monthly $15, but it's a nice inexpensive way to build our collection.

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I just wanted to say this has been a super timely and helpful thread for me as I plan for next year. You all saved me a lot of money. I used an audible credit to buy the audio, an idea that hadn't occurred to me before. And it hadn't occurred to me to ask here either, for some reason. Thanks op for asking the question, and thanks everyone else for your thoughtful replies. This is what I love about this board.

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Thanks for the replies! Now I'm wondering if we do need the dvds or if we should just go with audio. Thanks for the advice and information. I would be interested to hear from anyone who did get the dvds and thought that they added to the course.

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