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What do you remember about your childhood?


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I remember the night my mom was gone.  I can't remember her leaving or remember knowing that she was gone and not coming back, but I remember going out to the kitchen, where my grandparents were sitting at the table eating watermelon, and asking if I could start leaving my bedroom door open to sleep at night.


I remember going to Dairy Queen with the wife of one of my grandpa's employees late at night one Friday night because we were at the depot late.  My grandpa worked for Schwan's and was the retail manager.  Every Friday night my grandma and I would go with him, as would many of the other families, and we'd sometimes have food, other times, we'd just play and have fun, and the wives would sit around and talk while waiting for the husbands to get in after the week was finished and get all the inventory done and finish up all their totals for the week.  It was like a big extended family.  It was fun.  We'd have holiday parties on weekends, and sometimes even after we left the depot we'd go over to the house of one of the guys' families.  Usually we'd be at the depot until about 11-12.  That night with the DQ, a transformer had caught fire so we were there until around 2.  When I was really little, I'd fall asleep in my grandpa's office, or on the wooden shelves that held some of the boxes.  I'm still convinced that's why I can sleep anywhere.

Those memories are all really good ones.  :)


I remember when the boy came to the back of the bus in 2nd or 3rd grade and pinned me to the seat and told me he was going to r@p3 me.  I didn't know what that meant.  I don't know why he knew.  I don't know if he knew.  Now I just feel very sad for him if he did know, because he was only in 4th grade.  

He didn't do anything to me - the bus driver caught him.  I don't think he would have done anything - I think he was just trying to scare me.  


I remember being kind of a different kid.  Maybe I was a bit ADD (I've often wondered that, actually).  I don't think I was a bad kid because it wasn't like I was getting in trouble, but the teacher was always sending me on errands, finding things to occupy my time.  I think I liked feeling helpful but sometimes I didn't get along well with all the other kids.  I did have good friends, though, too. That was like, in 3rd-ish grade.  I talked to the counselor regularly.  I seemed to have grown past it by 4th grade, though.


I remember visiting my great grandfather in Iowa in 2nd grade because it was November and I took two weeks off of school.  I remember doing my school work with my grandma at the hospital and at my great-aunt's house.  I remember spending Thanksgiving Day at my cousin's, with the other side of her family, and playing hide and seek in the dark.


I remember my great grandpa's funeral the following April.  I remember that my mom came.  I remember that was the first time that the words were said to me, to 'take care of grandma'.  Mom said those words again when my great grandma died in 2002, after I was married, and she couldn't make it to the funeral - that I had to be there to take care of grandma.  

And then in 2014, when my Mom died, I stood in the hallway of the funeral home while my grandma collapsed against the wall in tears, and I realized that had been most of my life.  Taking care of grandma at all the times my mom couldn't; they say I even would go out to her as a toddler and hug her and console her when my mom was gone.  I don't say that bitterly.  That's just been what I've done.  That's my job.  To take care of grandma.


I remember finding out I had a little brother on the Friday after my 7th birthday, in 1989.  I was SO excited.  

I remember meeting him that Christmas.  And thinking he was just awesome.  Even though he would wake me up in the morning by throwing whatever he could find at me from his playpen - his pacifier, his bottle, his blanket, whatever.  :)


I remember the kids telling me they were going to beat me up on the playground in 3rd grade, and the pile up that ensued, where I was on the bottom of the pile not getting hit at all, but walked out with a black eye from my best friend's elbow.  :)  Oops.  :lol:  


I remember getting hit in the face with a football and I remember falling and needing stitches from hitting my head on a rock (two separate events, both the same year, I think).  The stitches were on the last day of my 4th grade year, my last day of school in Virginia.


I remember going on trips to California and Arizona and Colorado and Texas to see family.  I remember going to Iowa every year for Christmas, and then going down to Missouri to see my uncle.


I actually remember a lot.  Those are just the big events, and those are all from pre-Missouri, where I moved when I was 9/after 4th grade.  

Idk.  Maybe I just have a good memory.  ?  :lol:  

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I remember a lot and at the same time very little.


I remember my mom telling me that I had to be in school or pay rent when I turned 18. I thought that she was trying to prod me to independence. Just talked with her recently. She said that she was trying to tell me that I always had a place to stay but that I'd have to work. :)


Funny how our perceptions are so colored by our emotions.

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