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NYC this weekend...help


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I'm going to NYC this weekend. I could use some help. I am staying near Rockefeller Center and have all day Sunday with dh, no DC.


I am interested in the lower east side tenement museum. Has anyone been?


Suggestions for meals that have gluten free offerings in a range of casual to nice settings. I suspect there is a lot.


Bookstores we should not miss. Could be used. Dh loves reading a huge variety of intellectual topics, so he would really enjoy a good bookstore.


Of 32 Broadway shows dh isn't excited about any. He said maybe to Jersey Boys and On Your Feet. Maybe we should look at music venues. He likes folk, Irish and jazz.


Dh also says "just walk around". Are there particularly good places to amble and notice stuff.


What else could we consider?


(This is a huge anniversary, but suggestions should be low key)



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The tenement museum is a great experience.

You could look into taking a walking food tour if it is not going to be too cold. We did one of the lower east side that was fantastic.

The strand bookstore is fun to browse.


Sorry I am no help with the dining.

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You should look into Ham4ham..the lottery for Hamiton tickets.  It is the hottest show around and every show they have a lottery for 21 front row seats. If you win the lottery you can buy up to 2 tickets for 10$ each,  aka 'A Hamilton' hence Ham4ham, lol.


DS1 and DH went to two lotteries last weekend and it was exciting. They didn't win, but they are glad they went. There were two shows that Saturday and they were in the neighborhood so the went to both lotteries. There was one lottery on Sunday, but they couldn't go to that one. They were bummed.


You have to be present at the lottery to enter and to win. You also have to present some sort of picture ID to prove you are the winner. It doesn't cost anything to enter.


And you might win...!!!


If you want a bookstore, then The Strand is indeed the way to go, but it could take all day.


Tenement museum has a very good reputation. The only food I know around there is Russ and Daughters, and it is NOT gluten free. It is a famous bagel bakery/ delicatessen  (the best around...come at me bro!) 

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The Tenement Museum has a lot of different options for tours, both indoor and outdoor.  It was more than I could spend, but I loved poking around the bookstore (so many fascinating books) and I spent a couple of hours walking around the Lower East Side and surrounding areas using some walking tours I found online.  I did a loop beginning and ending at the Staten Island Ferry and went to the 9/11 Memorial, Tribeca, Chinatown, the Lower East Side, and back to the ferry.


I can't help with the food because I like to get bread from Hot Kitchen Bread Company and eat doughnuts from Doughnut Plant and eat bialys and knishes.  

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I enjoyed taking the subway, getting off (don't remember which stop) and walking to Brooklyn.  It was such a nice walk where we saw kids playing soccer, people having picnics, etc.  Just life happening in NYC.  We had to ask for directions along the way and the people were extremely nice.  Once we got to Brooklyn, we viewed the NYC skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge as it was getting dark.  This part of Brooklyn is very nice, and there are some nice restaurants over there.  We walked around and rode the subway back.  It was fun!  We also enjoyed a boat ride that went past the Statue of Liberty.   I just loved NYC--hope you have fun!  I wish that we would have went to The Tenement Museum.  Next time. 

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Blooms Deli has gluten free bread for sandwiches. It's my daughters new favorite place to eat. She said it is delicious with huge portions.


Erin McKenna Bakery is gluten free. Cookies (amazing!), bagels, doughnuts, etc. there are several gluten free bakeries in NYC.


Google will lead you to some blogs that talk about where to eat gluten free in NYC.

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