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Landry -Group Buy -$49.00 per generic semester course

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We have a group that is hoping to buy a bunch of generic credits from Landry on Friday.  These are at the ridiculous price of $49.00/semester, normally $390.00.  You do not need to know which class you will register for as these are "generic"-you can use them for any class for the school year of 2017-18 and after.  They never expire!!!  This is the last time Landry will offer this type of group buy, so if you have children coming up that may use Landry in the future, this is the perfect time to buy.

I will be paying for the credits, collecting money, and then Landry will re-distribute the credits to you.  This does take awhile for Landry to go through the process of distributing the credits to each individual group participant, but YOU WiLL GET THE CREDITS.  I did this last year and there was no problem.


If you are interested, please PM TODAY.  I will have to close this by tonight, 7:00 so I can organize names and buy tomorrow.  We are very close to our minimum-we need a few more people to participate!  If you have questions, please PM and I will answer to the best of my ability. 


For what it is worth- I do not get anything from organizing this!!  I get the same thing you do-some good, cheap online classes for my kids.  I am willing to go through the hassle of organizing this since I have been happy with Landry thus far.




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If you are at all interested in classes at Landry Academy, this is an incredible oportunity!


ETA: I do not know the OP and don't want to mislead anyone. The promotion from Landry is fabulous, but anyone particpating would be trusting the OP to purchase and distribute the generic semesters correctly.

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I have 2 Landry generic classes good starting now and beyond that are available for $249 each.  These are selling on the Landry website for $390 each.  I bought them during the discount phase and my son is taking all college classes next year.  So much for being prepared!  Sigh....


I also have 1 camp / backpacking - adventure generic good for 2017 and beyond for $449.  These are currently selling for $696 on the Landry website and will continue to go up.  2017 Camp registration is OPEN!


PM if you are interested in anything.


Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend!


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