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Apologia General Science Q

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We just had the books which worked fine. If doing it again I might get one copy of the cdrom book which should have the questions and tests in a printable form, plus you can watch the videos as you read plus a hard copy of the book. I haven't looked but that shouldn't be 250. We used just the cdrom for biology and chemistry. Have the combo for physics, much better.

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Here is the link to the super-set for $250 which includes:



test & solution manual

student notebook

mp3 audio cd

instructional dvd




I've never used Apologia before, so I'm not sure if I should purchase the extra materials. Thanks for your reply. 


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I'm using Physical Science right now,and teaching it in a co-op. I use the text, solution manual, notebook (which I love!), and the mutimedia companion CD (but not much).  I would not need the instructional DVD or the mp3s. 


Check Rainbow Resource for puchasing the items separately. Their prices are much better. 





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We have gone through Apologia general science twice now.


For ds15 we used the textbook and the test/solution manual.


For dd13 we used the textbook, test/solution manual, and the notebook.



Dd11 will probably go through this course this year or next.  Or over two years.  I plan to show her dd13's notebook and leave it up to her if she wants one or not.  Personally, I think the notebooks are helpful.  However, they are expensive, imo.  So, if she doesn't want it, I will save my money for something else.


We have the multimedia cd and used it for less than a minute (literally).


We also have the audio cd, but we haven't used it.  Dd9 is an auditory learner and is my only child who doesn't love to read.  I bought this for her in case it is no longer available in a few years.


We also have various pieces for physical science, biology, and chemistry.


Let me know if you have any other questions.



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Do you all get the experiment supply kits too? I'm thinking ahead to next year.


No, I don't buy the supply kits.  We do not do all of the experiments.  For general science and physical science, we only did experiments that used things that we already had at the house or that were easy to purchase at the grocery store.


We will do the same for biology and chemistry.


I am buying the bio and chem dvds so that we do not have to do dissections or have hazardous materials in our house.  We will do virtual labs for those.

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