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  1. Hello! I'm looking for some suggestions for a new spelling course. We've used R&S since we started homeschooling (4 years now), but unfortunately, the 7th-grade book is just not working out. (I guess I should've read the description where it explains that the book's main focus is the study of Latin word elements.) Any suggestions on a similar spelling curriculum?
  2. We're doing the Fallacy Detective (DD LOVES it) and will move on to the Thinking Toolbox. We also have the Art of Argument saved for next year.
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone. As many of you mentioned, two logic books would be too much and you were right. My daughter really enjoys the Fallacy Detective. I've put The Art of Argument away for either later in the year or next year. We've chosen Essentials in Writing (book 7) which is working out really well. I'm still undecided on science (leaning towards apologia general) and geography.
  4. Thanks for the Essentials in Writing Suggestion. I purchased it and it's working out really well.
  5. I might consider switching to TT6 to see if that makes a difference. He can always work through it faster if it ends up being mostly review.
  6. Hello, all. We're starting our formal studies next week and I'm still trying to decide on what to do for a few subjects. Below is my 12-year-old DD's scheduled studies for the year. Feel free to give me any input/feedback/suggestions. TIA. Language Arts Spelling - R&S 7 Grammar - Shurley 6 Writing - ??? Suggestions welcome for a reluctant writer! We went through WWE 1-4 & did the writing in Shurley 5 last year, but she doesn't enjoy writing, except when it's on her own time. I always let her choose what topic to write about (in Shurley) & it was still a struggle to get her to do it. Took her ALL afternoon b/c she procrastinated. The only time it went "okay" was when I let her write her assignment on the dry erase board instead of on paper, but that's not always going to be an option. I'd love to find a writing program that's going to inspire her. I've looked through TWTM suggestions, but nothing really stands out. Literature - Various (classical) stories throughout the year. An hour of reading per day. Latin Latin For Children A (I'm doing this w/ both of my kids ages 12 & 9. We started it last year, but it fell to the wayside. Restarting for the beginning - better late than never right?) Math Teaching Textbooks 6 (switched from MUS this year - new for us) History Veritas Press Self-Paced Explorers to 1815 (1/2 way through) & 1815 to Present New! Science ??? Suggestions welcome! We haven't done any formal science so far. She's excited about it this year. I like the idea of Memoria Press' J.H Tiner Series. I think both of my kids could study it together, which would be helpful. But, I've also looked at Apologia General Science for my dd alone. Not sure which route to take. I'd love suggestions on this. New! Logic The Art of Argument & The Fallacy Detective (We'll probably work through these over 2 years. Our 1st intro to Logic other than a couple "critical thinking" workbooks last year.) New! Geography ??? Suggestions welcome! We've had the geography songs for a few years, so my dd knows her countries by heart, but I'm looking for something formal this year. And, I think that's it! Did I miss anything? I appreciate any input/feedback/suggestions. Thanks!
  7. Here is the link to the super-set for $250 which includes: textbook test & solution manual student notebook mp3 audio cd instructional dvd http://shop.apologia.com/general-science/423-general-science-2nd-edition-superset.html I've never used Apologia before, so I'm not sure if I should purchase the extra materials. Thanks for your reply.
  8. Is it worth it to buy the super set for $250 or just the 2 book set for $85? How much do you use the videos?
  9. Does anyone use Shurley English for grammar and substitute the writing with something else? If so, what do you use instead?
  10. MathUSee is working great for us.
  11. We're using ETC with OPGTR as well. Works perfectly for us.
  12. Getting Started with Latin
  13. Looks good. we use new american cursive daily. and you may want to check out explode the code for phonics.
  14. We switched from SWO to R&S this year. My dd did not like all of the various activities in SWO, they became an annoyance to her. She has been doing great with R&S. We both prefer the layout of each lesson much better compared to SWO and I think it's more challenging for her. For R&S I would stick with grade level. But you can always view examples of each book on their website and go from there.
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