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  1. I've read that lecithin supplements can help with insomnia/sleep disorders. It's better to get the ones in granules rather than capsules. http://doctoryourself.com/sleep.html http://doctoryourself.com/lecithin.html
  2. We did a cornish game hen as well back in 2004 or 2005, and we still have it, and it still doesn't stink!
  3. Cindy's course is expensive, but totally worth it!!!
  4. I signed up my ds for Center of Lit when he was in grade 6 because of the good reviews I read on this forum (it was his first online class), but he found the classes to be boring, and he didn't participate much. I did like the book lists too though :).
  5. Ds15 will be taking Informal Logic at True North Homeschool Academy for grade 10. They use Art of Argument and Argument Builder for a full year course.
  6. My ds just graduated with a Piano Performance degree. He took science electives as well during the 4 years, and will be studying for the MCAT this summer.
  7. I highly recommend Cindy Lange at Integritas Academy. This is my ds 14's second year with her, and he'll be back again next year. The class meets twice a week, and has lots of discussion, as well as writing assignments for each novel/play read. It's expensive but completely worth it. Cindy gives excellent writing instruction and detailed feedback. She is very encouraging and kind, as well as open to providing one-on-one help when students need it. Parents are always welcome to contact her as well.
  8. I recommend Integritas Academy with Cindy Lange. Her classes are expensive, but very worth it! Cindy is also very available for contact, so you could talk with her about your son to see if one of her classes would be a good fit.
  9. If you pay for Integritas all at once, you get a 20% discount, and only have to pay $1000. It's still a lot, so what you could do is put away money each month for the class (once you know that your dc will be taking that class next year), and by the time August comes around, you should have all of the money to pay for the course at once.
  10. My ds took a delayed writing class at WTMA, and it didn't go well for him. He was not motivated, and missed handing in several assignments (that was partly my fault for not checking in on him), so the next year, I signed him up for a live class, and it was much better. He was in grade 10 the year he did badly. I think it could work for a motivated student.
  11. I've only had experience with Integritas, and really recommend Cindy Lange. This is my ds' second year with her, and he has grown so much as a writer (he couldn't even write a proper paragraph when he first started with her last year). She gives very good feedback, and is open to working one-on-one with any students who need help. My ds has had tutorials with her for an essay, as well as emailing with her back and forth on an essay. She's the best writing teacher!
  12. I only have experience with Integritas, and I highly recommend it! The workload is reasonable, and my ds has improved a lot as a writer. I thought some of the books were a bit advanced for him (my ds does not like to read), but Cindy teaches them in a way that helps him makes sense of it even if he's not thrilled with the novels. For us, Cindy's teaching is worth the price.
  13. My ds is taking Literature and Composition for Underclassmen this year (used to be called Lit and Comp year 1). Cycle B for the Intro class is new for next year. This year's Intro class is the same as last year's Intro class which my ds took. At first, Cindy had 4 classes, but now she cut down to 3/year, and is doing them in cycles for students who are with her for more than a year. For example, the Intro class is for grades 7-8. If a student takes it in grade 7, then for grade 8, he would take cycle B (or A depending on which cycle he took first). My ds took it in grade 8, so was able to go onto the underclassmen course the following year. And since he's not old enough for the upperclassmen course, he would take Cycle B of the underclassmen course if he returned to Cindy's class the following year. If you have questions, I'd recommend emailing or calling Cindy. She is very helpful, and gets back to you promptly.
  14. I'm considering the Informal Logic course at True North Homeschool Academy. Does anyone have experience with it? It's a very reasonable price. Thank you.
  15. My ds started with Cindy Lange in grade 8 with her Intro course, and it was a very good decision for him since he was not a strong writer at all, and Cindy starts from the beginning with teaching kids how to write a paragraph. He is taking her next class this year, and I'm glad we started last year, as some of the essays this year have been quite challenging for him (especially with learning how to write a good thesis). He is still not a strong writer, but I am impressed with how much he has improved since the beginning of grade 8.
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