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French for 4th grade and K


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4th Grader:

The Learnables

French in 10 Minutes a Day

Duolingo* (free)


First Start French* (Memoria Press)

So You Really Want To Learn French* (Galore Park)



The Easy French



*I've heard good things about these



Getting Started With French should be out soon and I guarantee that it will be awesome.

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I'm waiting (somewhat impatiently) for Getting Started With French to come out to use with dd#3 (and dd#2). I'm hoping it'll be out by this fall.


Duolingo is a great supplement, but it doesn't teach the grammar explicitly, so it is confusing for someone who isn't learning already with a program. If they've already learned another foreign language, it is more understandable, but makes French seem harder than it is. (I studied French already. DD#1 is learning Latin & Spanish. She is trying to learn French on duolingo and is convinced it is much harder to learn than Spanish. IMO, it isn't. She just doesn't 'get' the French grammar's differences.)

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Guest MNDad

I use Duolingo with DD (grade 1) - she loves it.


As a fluent speaker, I thought initially I would just put it together on my own; but there wasn't much spark of interest. But Duolingo has been incredible. She wakes up first thing in the morning and wants to start.


As others have noticed, there seems to be no formal presentation of many aspects of grammar.1 I was also initially put off by it; but then again, we learn our native language first by imitating and discovering patterns for ourselves. Then comes the formal grammar. One of the earlier lessons touches on the conjugation of the irregular verb boire. At first, I started to explain how boire is different from, say, manger; but I'm more interested in basic vocabulary and expression at this stage.


Even for a K'ish student, I think Duolingo would be OK.



1You can delve into grammatical topics at the end of the lesson; but it's not fully integrated.

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